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What is a Learning Log?

At Glen Park Primary, we have introduced a different approach to homework and out of school learning, called Learning Logs.

Learning Logs are a journal for children to record their knowledge and understanding about topics that they are covering in the classroom, in whatever way they feel is most helpful. Children may use pictures, writing, photographs, labelled diagrams, pop up pictures, fold away flaps, to present their work.

 Learning Logs:

  • Enable children to extend and consolidate their learning in the classroom outside of school
  • Encourage children to be creative and independent.
  • Encourage children to be actively engaged in their own learning and take a pride in their work.
  • Are child-directed, rather than teacher-directed and so give children ‘ownership
  • Are Inclusive’ and cater for all abilities and learning styles.
  • Help to develop a partnership between home and school.
  • Can be a useful revision tool for children and assessment tool for teachers.

 As Learning Logs are personalised there is no right or wrong way to approach a task.

How do Learning Logs work at Glen Park Primary?

Every week the children will be given set tasks which will be based around a key question, title or a learning objective that they should achieve. The activity will usually be relevant to their current class topic or a particular theme that has been covered during the week in class.

On some occasions the children may be given tasks to complete in preparation for topics/activities that are going to be covered in the future. The only stipulation is that the children must fit all the information they would like to present on no more than one double page of the journal. They can of course creatively extend the page by attaching flaps and folded sections.

The logs focus in developing children’s creativity, independence and a love for learning. Each log is a unique record of the child’s thinking and learning.

Every Friday, time is built into the class timetable for children to peer review their work and discuss the different approaches that have been carried out in completing the tasks. Learning logs have a high profile in school and we regularly celebrate children’s good work and effort.

Further information about how we approach homework at Glen Park Primary can be found in our Homework policy which can be accessed by clicking here.