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School Meals


School meals are cooked daily on the premises, and are available at the current rate of charge of £2.10 per day. Glen Park Primary operates a cashless system for the payment of school meals and school trips. For further information about this cashless system, please click on the following link:

Parents guide to School Money  

The School Meals service is provided through 'CaterEd',  a partnership between Plymouth Schools and Plymouth City Council. To view the current Spring term menu please view the document at the bottom of this page. 

From September 2014, all Foundation Stage and Year 1 and 2 children will be entitled to a ‘universal free school meal’ under new Government legislation. 

Parents who are receiving Income Support are entitled to free school meals for all their children attending school.  All parents who qualify for free meals must complete an application form, available from the School Office.  The completed forms may be returned directly to the School Meals Section of the Local Authority, or to school, where they will be forwarded on.  The entitlement to Free School Meals expires annually and we will advise parents a short while before this to allow a new claim form to be completed where necessary.

 If you prefer, your child can bring a packed lunch.  Supervision for eating of packed lunches is provided. All children staying to lunch are expected to behave in an acceptable manner, and be courteous and obedient to the Meal Time Assistants. 

The schools Local Advisory Board have recently amended the School Meals Policy and the way in which meals are ordered, so that our practice is in line with the other schools in the Plym Academy Trust. This will ensure that there is a consistent approach across the schools within the Trust towards managing debt incurred by parents whose children take school dinners.

To view a copy of the School Meal Debt Recovery Policy click here.