Welcome to Glen Park Primary. We have another date for prospective September 2018 Entrants to look around the school. This will be on Thursday 23rd November at 2.00 p.m. Please ring the school office to book in (Tel: 339073)

Meet the Staff


Senior Leadership Team 

Head Teacher:  Mr A Hutchings 

Deputy Head Teacher/Phase 2 Leader:  Mrs C Duncan

Phase 1 Leader (EYFS & Year 1):  Mrs E Bushe

Phase 3 Leader (Years 5 & 6):  Mrs R Partridge

Special Education Needs Coordinator :  Mrs N Cole (Acting)  


Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage: Mrs C Smithers, Mrs L Rossiter 

Year 1: Miss R Abbot, Mrs E Bushe/Mrs O Clarke (job share) 

Year 2: Mrs L Swatton, Mrs W Luffingham 

Year 3: Mr S Gibson, Mrs C Duncan/Mrs H Coulton (job share)

Year 4: Mrs N Cole/Mrs F Gilligan (job share), Miss J Rood 

Year 5: Mrs N Padley, Miss A Malein 

Year 6: Mrs R Partridge, Miss L Bell


Teaching Assistants 

Foundation Stage:  Mrs C Walker, Mrs L Gotham, Mrs A Easingwood

Year 1:  Mrs D Pearse, Miss S King 

Year 2:  Mrs R Skelly, Mrs N Soady-Martin

Year 3:  Mrs J Oram, Mrs K Baker,

Year 4:  Mrs J Mocker, Mrs L Sampson 

Year 5: Mrs N Ormiston

Year 6:  Mrs S Shepherd, Mrs N Burstow


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Targett (also Year 6 TA), Mrs K Horgan (also Year 3 TA), Mrs L Croft (ICT Technician), Mrs T Tucker (also Year 4 TA), Mrs J Larcombe (also Year 5 TA)


Admin Team  

School Business Manager:  Mrs M Staniforth

Office Manager:  Mrs R Jones

Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. K Bailey

Clerk to Governors:  Mrs R Jones


Pastoral Support Team 

Parent Support Adviser:  Mrs L Cutler 

Learning Mentor:  Mrs M Woods


Premises and Meal Time Assistants 

Site Supervisor:  Mr J Hodge 

Cleaning Team:  Mrs C King (cleaning supervisor) 

Meal Time Assistants:  Mrs. L. Andrews,  Mrs. M. Bailey, Mrs. A. Easingwood, Mrs. J. Spink, Mrs. A. Watson, Mrs. C. Jones, Mrs. A Copp,

 Mrs C Crossman