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Meet the Staff


Senior Leadership Team 

Head Teacher:  Mr A Hutchings 

Deputy Head Teacher/Phase 2 Leader:  Mrs C Duncan

Phase 1 Leader (EYFS & Year 1):  Mrs E Bushe

Phase 3 Leader (Years 5 & 6):  Mrs R Partridge

Special Education Needs Coordinator :  Mrs L Birnie 


Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage: Mrs C Smithers, Mrs L Rossiter 

Year 1: Mrs J Johns, Mrs E Bushe/Mrs O Clarke (job share) 

Year 2: Mrs L Swatton, Mrs C Duncan/Mrs H Coulton (job share)

Year 3: Mrs W Luffingham, Miss A Turner  

Year 4: Mrs N Cole/Mrs F Gilligan (job share), Mrs L Birnie

Year 5: Mrs N Padley, Mr S Gibson 

Year 6: Mrs R Partridge, Miss L Bell


Teaching Assistants 

Foundation Stage:  Mrs C Walker, Mrs L Gotham, Miss S King, Mrs H McTique 

Year 1:  Mrs A Easingwood, Mrs D Pearse

Year 2:  Ms C Parry, Mrs J Oram 

Year 3:  Mrs T Tucker, Mrs N Soady-Martin

Year 4: Mrs E Narramore, Mrs R Skelly, Mrs J Mockler 

Year 5: Mrs N Ormiston, Mrs S Shepherd

Year 6:  Mrs S Shepherd, Mrs N Burstow


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Targett, Mrs K Horgan, Mrs L Croft (ICT Technician), Mrs T Tucker, Mrs J Larcombe


Admin Team  

School Business Manager:  Mrs M Staniforth

Office Manager:  Mrs R Jones

Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. K Bailey

Clerk to Governors:  Mrs R Jones


Pastoral Support Team 

Parent Support Adviser:  Mrs L Cutler 

Learning Mentor:  Mrs M Woods


Premises and Meal Time Assistants 

Site Supervisor:  Mr J Hodge 

Cleaning Team:  Mrs C King (cleaning supervisor) 

Meal Time Assistants:  Mrs. L. Andrews,  Mrs. M. Bailey, Mrs. A. Easingwood, Mrs. J. Spink, Mrs. A. Watson, Mrs. C. Jones, Mrs. A Copp,

 Mrs K Spear, Mrs C Crossman, Mrs D Gregory