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Enterprise Week

During a week in March 2018 we held a whole school Enterprise Week. The aims of the project were to develop our children’s knowledge and understanding of different types of jobs, how money is spent in designing and making products and primarily how they can contribute to a range of activities that help them to become more enterprising.

In preparation for the week, each class was allocated a budget of £50.00 with a remit of designing, advertising and making a product that can be marketed for sale to members of the school community. Each class was challenged to try to make a profit on their original £50.00 budget.

To support them in their challenge, throughout the week the children had the opportunity to work with individuals from different business sectors who visited the school. These included the banking sector, project management and marketing and local small business owners.

The children in Key Stage 2 learnt about the importance of saving money and profit making during an assembly with staff from the TSB Bank . In Foundation and Key Stage 1, we had a visit from Mr Bulley who is the catering manager from Catered who provide our school meals service. He talked to the children about the importance of food hygiene and helped the children in Foundation Stage with making their products for their cake stall. 

The children in Years 5 and 6  also had the opportunity to work with Claire Honey from the RIO project. During these sessions she talked about how her company operates and the importance of designing and marketing a good product in order to make a profit.

We were also lucky enough to host media students from Heles school during the week, who supported children in each class with the design and filming of their adverts. 

The children drew upon the information that they learnt during the week to support them in designing, advertising and making their own products in order to support their own enterprise work. Each year group also created an advert for their products. 

At the end of the week we held an 'Enterprise Fair' where parents, carers and members of the local community were invited into the school to view and purchase the products that each year group had designed and made. We then had a competition to see which year group was able to generate the most profit from their chosen product. In total the children managed to make £1,292.36 profit form sales made during the Fair, a fantastic achievement! 

Below is an overview of how much profit each group managed to make through the project. 

Foundation Stage – Glen Park Bakery (£239.31 profit) 

Year 1 – Photo Booth (£136.42 profit) 

Year 2 – Flowerpots and plant sale (£187.57 profit) 

Year 3 – Sweets in a Jar (£152.38 profit) 

Year 4 – Soap Shop (£204.57 profit) 

Year 5 – Stationary (£86.53 profit) 

Year 6 – Ice Birds - Ice Creams & Lollies (£285.28 profit)