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Year 5 Home Learning Page - This will be updated on a daily basis through term time, during periods of school closure. 


Background Information for Parents 

In literacy the children have been working on: 

  • Adding fronted adverbials to their sentences using ISPACEd ( - this website will support your child with examples.)
  • Extending sentences using: relative clauses which need a relative pronoun (who, which, whose, where), an embedded clause (which is in the middle of a sentence) or parenthesis (using brackets, dashes or commas.)
  • Adding dialogue to text, using the correct punctuation.
  • Using modal verbs to identify possibility.

Through the tasks that we set, we will expect the children to try and use the above skills in their writing. We will include tasks through the home learning, to support them in consolidating using these literacy devices


In mathematics the children have been working on:

  • Multiplying - up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number using the column method.
  • Division – up to a 4-digit number by a 1–digit number, including division with remainders. The calculation policy on this website ( will support you with this.
  • Fractions – equivalent, converting improper and mixed number fractions, adding and subtracting fractions.
  • Decimals – understanding decimals up to thousandths, decimals as fractions. 


Continue to encourage your child to access Spelling Shed, Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots daily. They should read for 30 minutes every day and remember they can now take an AR Quiz at home

Further websites to support Home Learning: 

If you need to contact the Year 5 Team or would like to share home learning please email using the address below:



Click here for an example Home Learning Timetable for Year 5.

Summer Term Home Learning


Tuesday 2nd June 

Literacy lessons are being set through Oak National Academy, an online learning platform. 

The lesson will begin with a video of a teacher, teaching the lesson content and introducing and explaining the tasks. The only equipment your child will need is a piece of paper, pen/pencil and access to the internet.

The lessons are planned to last an hour but please remember this is only a guide and just do what you can. We do hope that you and your child find this format more supportive and engaging.

Today's lesson is Year 5 Week 6 Lesson 2: Story: Reading Comprehension-Predictions

We have found that the website works best through Google Chrome. 


Spellings: (added 19th May)

        All Spelling Groups, Unit 9: words with -ant


This week we will be looking at words that end in -ant! Let’s have a look.

 All of these words end in -ant, ant:









Even though these words end in -ant, the letters are crushed so they sound like unt when we say them. It can be tricky to know whether to write -ant or -ent.


I have a useful tip but it only works for some words ending in -ant.

 Tip:  It is always safe to write -ant if you know the word family contains a word ending in -ation.

observation              observant    

hesitation     hesitant


The best way to learn which words are spelt with an -ant ending and which are spelt with an -ent ending is to read and write the words lots of times.


We can create new words, too, by changing adjectives ending in -ant to nouns ending in -ance, ance. Let’s do some word changing:
















Weird Word Warning:

In some words the noun ends in -cy instead of -ce.

hesitant                     hesitancy  

vacant                        vacancy


Can you use this spelling rule to help you to learn/revise the new spellings on Spelling Shed Unit 9 Home Learning.





Tuesday 2nd June 

Click on the link: then Summer Week 5, Lesson 4 -  Subtract Mixed Numbers.



We do recommend that your child watches the video to introduce them to the learning for that day by following the link above and scrolling down the page to find the correct week and lesson. Please note, the activity sheets and answer sheets are now only available to download on this page. See below. 


The questions will become increasingly more challenging and the children will be required to apply their understanding in different ways.  (They are familiar with this structure as it is similar to the work they complete using Power Maths.)


Learning Experience Task:  

This task will vary daily and enable your child to develop their learning in different ways.

Tuesday 2nd June 

Today you have a choice of two tasks. You may want to spend time on your Tutankhamun project or the link below will take you to Spanish - Lesson 4 

History: Tutankhamun Project

You may want to:

-investigate further into his death. (There are other sources of evidence you may find helpful to download on the Year 5 Home Learning page.)

-find out more about the artefacts in his tomb.

-Who was Tutankhamun?

-create a model of the tomb, his mask, an artefact etc.

-create mural for his tomb in the Egyptian style.

-create a PowerPoint of your research

The options are endless and there is no right or wrong way to display your learning. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

You have until Friday 5th June to complete your project. (Please note the deadline for the project has been extended.) 

Lesson 4 PowerPoint


Extra evidence for mission if required: 

Evidence Sheet 1

Evidence Sheet 2

Evidence Sheet 3

Evidence Sheet 4