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Year 1 Home Learning Page - This will be updated on a daily basis through term time, during periods of school closure. 


Background Information for Parents 

This term in literacy the children have been working on: 

  • Capital letters and full stops to show clear sentences.
  • Capital letters for proper nouns (names, places, days of the week).
  • Identifying and understanding nouns.
  • Using adjectives to describe.
  • Use the conjunctions 'and' and 'but' to join and extend sentences and ideas.
  • Features of texts: Narrative, Recount.
  • Key word spellings (see list attached below).
  • Cursive script (see attached document for formation).

Through the tasks that we set, we will expect the children to try and use the above skills in their writing. We will include tasks through the home learning, to support them in consolidating using these literacy devices.


This term in mathematics the children have been working on:

  • Numbers to 20 - number names as words e.g. sixteen, ordering numbers, one more/less, tens and ones.
  • Addition within 20 - counting on, adding ones, number bonds, making 10.
  • 2D and 3D shape - shape names, basic properties and making patterns.
  • Length and height - measuring and comparing length and height using non-standard units of measure (e.g. cubes, paperclips, footprints) and standard units of measure (cm on a ruler)
  • Weight - measuring and comparing weight using non-standard units of measure (e.g. cubes, blocks)
  • Volume - measuring and comparing volume using non-standard units of measure (e.g. glasses, jugs)

The calculation policy on this website ( will provide you with support should you require.

Through the tasks that we set, we will be revising the skills above and will include revision of key skills (e.g. tens and ones, addition and subtraction, shape and measure etc.)


Please continue to encourage your child to practise handwriting and access Spelling Shed and Numbots daily.

Foundation & Year 1 Key Word Spelling List

Cursive script

Joining - some children will have already started to learn to join cursive script. Use these examples to practise.

RWInc Letter Formation - if your child is finding cursive a bit tricky!


They should read for 30 minutes every day - if your child brought home a reading pack, it will include Read Write Inc books suited to your child's reading ability to facilitate this.

Please see below for a selection of websites that have granted free access to a variety of resources to support your child's learning at home.


If you need to contact your child's teacher or would like to share home learning please email using the address below: 


Click here for an example Home Learning Timetable for Year 1.


Some more websites that you might like to explore for other activities at home.

These websites currently have free access to resources. They are just some ideas for you to use at home if you would like some other activities to keep your children busy!

BBC Teach

Wonderbly - choose your story, add your child's name and hit 'preview'

Elevenses with the World of David Walliams - A story a day at 11am

Children's University - a variety of learning opportunities including museum tours, science and art

Scouts - indoor activity ideas to keep your children learning new skills and having fun

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems - learn how to doodle

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Amazon Audible



*Other Read Write Inc Phonics resources to help support reading with your child at home:


Here is a list of websites that have granted free access to a variety of resources to support your child's learning at home:

Phonics Play - Username: march20 Password: home

P.E. with Joe - Monday-Friday at 9am

Oxford Owl eBooks - find books suited to your child's reading level

AR Bookfind - check the level of books you have at home for your child on Accelerated Reader

GoNoodle - fun physical activities

A Book A Day - Read by author Oliver Jeffers

Twinkl - offering free access to the entire site


We will continue to add any other useful resources that we find - keep checking back!


Tonight the children will be bringing home a RWInc Learning pack linked to their own stage of learning, some additional reading books and some paper based resources to used to support home learning in the event of a school closure.

Please see below a copy of the paper based resources:


Maths Activity Booklet


We are aware that there will be a number of children not in school to receive these packs. Please follow this page daily in the event of a closure, for updated home learning tasks.

Many Thanks

Year One Team



Tuesday 2nd June


We will now be setting our Literacy lessons through Oak National Academy, supported by the Department of Education. This is an online learning platform which has been created to support home learning by teachers.

Each lesson begins with a video of a teacher, teaching the lesson content and introducing and explaining the tasks. At the end of some lessons there is a quiz to show your child's understanding of the content. The only equipment your child will need is a piece of paper, pen/pencil and access to the internet.

The lessons are planned to last an hour but please remember this is only a guide and just do what you can. We hope that you and your child will find this format more supportive and engaging.

Please be aware that there is a phonic and spelling element to the lessons. However, as the children are so well versed in RWInc, we would like you to skip these parts of the lesson and continue to access the Ruth Miskin Speed Sound and Word Time Lessons on YouTube each day. If your child is in Blue or Grey group and are confident with their Set 3 sounds, they can by all means give the spelling part of the lesson a go if they would like to. However, there is no expectation to do this and we would prefer that the children continued with RWInc, which they are used to.

We will email you separately to let you know which Speed Sound Set your child will need to watch this week.

We would love to still see their achievements so please continue to photograph their work and email it to us and we can issue dojos for their efforts.

Please follow this link to find the online lesson for today:

Tuesday - To identify rhyming words

Read Write Inc

There will be Speed Sound Lessons and Wordtime Spelling sessions streamed daily on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel

There are some useful videos for parents on the channel too!


You will be sent an email by your class teacher letting you know the colour group your child is in and a document which outlines the Speed Sound Lessons that will be taking place this week. Please use this document to find out which Speed Sound Lesson (1, 2 or 3) your child will need to watch each day.


Tuesday 2nd June

Today's lesson is Sort 3D shapes.

Please watch the video here:

Then complete the linked activities shown and linked below.

The worksheets are no longer available for free on the White Rose website so you will need to download it from the link below.

Please follow this link to find the online document including the resources for this task.

Click here for today's worksheet

Learning Experience Task

This task will vary daily and enable your child to develop their learning in different ways.

Tuesday 2nd June

PE - can you create your own sports day using only socks? Have fun!