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Foundation Home Learning Page - This will be updated on a daily basis through term time during periods of school closure. 


Background Information for Parents 

This term in literacy the children have been working on: 

  • To recognise and write all of Set 1 sounds
  • Using phonic knowledge to write simple words
  • Using phonic knowledge to write simple sentences using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops
  • To read CVC words and simple sentences
  • To talk about what they have read and show some comprehension when listening to stories

Through the tasks that we set, we will expect the children to try and use the above skills in their reading and writing. We will include tasks through the home learning, to support them in consolidating using these literacy skills.


This term in mathematics the children have been working on:

  • Number formation
  • Recognition of numerals 1 - 20
  • Number bonds to 5 and 10 using tens frame and part whole models
  • Subitizing (recognising amounts by sight up to 6)
  • More and fewer/less (fewer is used when you can quantify the amount ie fewer sweets but less rice) 
  • Using positional language ie above, below, under, beneath, next to, behind etc
  • Naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes
  • Using langauge related to time and money 
  • Ordering objects by height and weight

Through the tasks that we set, we will be revising the skills above.

Friday 27th March


Have a got at completing the CVC writing sheet. The children can practice reading, writing and spelling some CVC words. They might also like to play some of the games on Topmarks following the link:

You can change the age bracket from 3-5 or have it at 5-7 depending on your child. There are lots of games to explore!

CVC Writing sheet



Today we would like the children to have a go at some addition. Use the 3 worksheets to find the totals of fruit from the Hungry Caterpillar. The sheets get progressively harder so stop when your child has been challenged, you do not need to do them all. You could use real fruit to help you. We have been using the language add, plus, total, makes, equals and altogether when adding. Can they read the completed number sentence back to you i.e. 3 add 4 equals 7

Addition sheets

Thursday 26th March 


Today we would like the children to practice reading CVC words and match them to the pictures. Make sure you check if they know what the pictures and do a vocabulary check as you read through. Next, choose 3 pictures to write a sentence about i.e.' The jam is red.' or 'The bat is black.' Can you use a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops?

CVC matching words and pictures


The sheet today has lots of ideas to practice counting, recognising and ordering numbers to 10 and 20. You can do as many as you like and either go to 10 or 20 depending on your child's confidence. There are some lovely activities such as making numbers and hiding them around your house, counting fruits and making number flowers with the right amount of petals. 

Home number challenges

Wednesday 25th March


 Today we would like the children to explore rhyming words.  Can they think of different words that rhyme with the pictures?  Can they sound out and write the words down?  Are the words they generate real or alien?  If they are real can they choose one word and use it to write a sentence ie 'The dog is red', 'He has a wig.'

Rhyming Pictures


Play snakes and ladders with your family.  Can you read the numbers on the dice without counting?  How about challenging yourself, use 2 dice and count the spots altogether.  Feel free to use the game board below or use one you have at home, if you don't have either have some fun making your own.

Snakes and Ladders 20

Snakes and Ladders 50

Tuesday 24th March


 Today we would like the children to practice their blending using the race game. Roll a dice and sound out each word you land on. The person who reaches the end first wins! If you do not have a printer then perhaps you could make your own version on a piece of paper. Have fun!

Reading race game



Use the sheet to count the cars on each side of the road, then write the numbers in the box. Now you need to decide which side has more. You could get some toy cars to help you, or use some toys to show the amounts and work out which side has more.

Comparing numbers to 10

Monday 23rd March


 Please use the letter formation sheet in your pack or follow the link below to practise forming your letters.  Please make sure that letters are formed accurately and that the children start in the correct place, moving in the correct direction following the rhyme.  Can you write your name and the people in your families names with the correct letter formation?



Please use the number formation sheets in your pack or follow the link below to practise forming your numbers correctly.  Please make sure the numbers are formed accurately and that the children start in the correct place, moving in the correct direction following the arrows.  Can you complete the activities in the booklet as well? 


Tonight the children will be bringing home a RWInc Learning pack linked to their own stage of learning, some additional reading books and some paper based resources to used to support home learning in the event of a school closure.

Please see below a copy of the paper based resources:

Home Learning Tasks - Foundation

Number Formation Activity Booklet

Letter Formation - RWInc

We are aware that there will be a number of children not in school to receive these packs. Please follow this page daily in the event of a closure, for updated home learning tasks.

Many Thanks

Foundation Team