Welcome to Glen Park Primary. We hope you enjoy having a look at our website.

Parent Council

The Parent Council has been recently formed within the school to ensure that parents and carers of children at Glen Park Primary have a voice and clear lines of communication with school staff. The council is built upon a common interest shared by all parents and carers – ensuring our children get the best from their education during their time at Glen Park.

 We have a number of aims and purposes;

  • “Communication”

Communication between parents and the school is extremely important. We aim to work very closely with Mr. Hutchings and the staff within the school. We will be involved, as a group, in discussions about school policies and developments within the school.

  • “Working together”

Our aim is to work together to be an inclusive school where we can strive to create a supportive network for parents, teachers, school staff and pupils to succeed.

  • “Having your say”

We will facilitate and give parents the opportunity to be able to express their views and ideas about their child’s educational needs. We can help represent the views of parents and can be their ‘voice’ within the school.


We will help parents and pupils in any way that we can, however, we are not here as a group for parents to place any grievances that they may have with the school or with any member of staff, parent or pupil. If parents have any grievances they must follow the schools procedures and policies which can be found in the parent handbook or on the school’s website.


We feel it is important for parents to be able to make suggestions as to how the school could make improvements within the educational needs of all pupils. We will be putting a suggestion box in the reception area of the school. We feel this will enable parents to freely make a number of suggestions such as;

  • things you would like to see the school doing in the future,
  • evaluating events or activities suggesting how these could be improved in the future,
  • lunchtime / after school clubs your child may be interested in.

The suggestion box will be checked once a week and your suggestions will be shared with Mr Hutchings and staff.

Even though we are a different group to the ‘Friends of Glen Park’ we may work with them from time to time. If you have any suggestions for ways that they can raise funds for the school, which in turn helps our children then please feel free to use the suggestion box for this also.