Welcome to Glen Park Primary. We have another date for prospective September 2018 Entrants to look around the school. This will be on Thursday 23rd November at 2.00 p.m. Please ring the school office to book in (Tel: 339073)


In a world where technology provides us with so many great opportunities to extend our knowledge, connect with people and play games, it is really important that both parents and children know how to stay safe. Our school e-safety policy ensures that children are able to take full advantage of the potential of computing, while doing so in the safest environment we can create. We want a generation that is equipped with the tools needed to take full advantage of every opportunity available to them, in the safest possible way. The links on this page all lead to amazing sites full of the most up to date information. Every year we try and send out a free magazine full of top tips and advice, and there are regular, pertinent updates in the school newsletter. For now, use these websites to make sure your children are as safe at home as they are in school, and know what to do if things don't work as they should.

http://www.parentalcontrols-on.org/ - find out how to protect all devices and keep your children safe at http://www.parentalcontrols-on.org/ 

Parent Info E-safety

Articles on e-safety, regularly updated.

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If you suspect that online bullying is happening, please inform your child's teacher as soon as possible so that support can be put in place to prevent further occurrences.


We also recommend visiting Google's Safety Centre, which links to lots of great resources and good advice that will help you stay safe online: