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Welcome to Year 6

Last Updated: 17.05.17

The homework for this week

 Design a menu for the end of term . In the last week of term, children in year six are going to be able to plan the meal choices.for the school meals . 

You need to come up with  a main choice , a vegetarian option , and a lighter choice , together with a desert. 

Consider elements of a balanced diet in your choices Image result for balanced food plate


This week in Year 6 

What fantastic stars you were last week. Every 

one of you worked so hard and gave their very best. The reading paper seemed fair as did the grammar and the children had been so well prepared. The arithmetic was as expected and we had practised on many examples over the previous weeks.The reasoning  papers were quite challenging, but everyone gave their best. We await the results in due course. 


This is an amazing text - the children are really enthralled. We have reached chapter fifteen . 


Image result for girls of ink and stars

To celebrate the end of SATs we held a fun day based on the Girl of Ink and Stars