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Welcome to Year 5

Last update: 2017-09-19

Throughout year 5, we will be focusing on interesting sentence structures using something called ISPACED. You can download a PowerPoint with more details by clicking here. We are very excited getting back to school on Tuesday 5th September!

Year 5 Team

We are looking forward to reading the BFG during our first week back. Watch the trailer and get excited...


Learning Logs - Homework for 22.9.17


WALT: begin to understand the physical features of North America

As our topic is The Wonders of North America, we would like you to find out about its physical features. What is the landscape like? Present your ideas in an interesting and informative way.

WALT: generate time fronted adverbials

We have been exploring our text, Buffalo Nation to find adverbials of time which move the story forward. Can you think of as many adverbials of time as you can? Remember these can be a word or a phrase.

E.g. Later that day,                      

When she arrived,                                     

 After that,                     and many more…


Note: In Year 5, we want to encourage children to choose the most appropriate media to complete their tasks, so if they want to use computers or create models, or wish to use the more traditional poster approach, they are definitely allowed! Digital homework can be emailed into the school if it is easier.


Google Classroom

We introduce the children to the Google Education suite of software in Year 5, including http://classroom.google.com. They can use their school assigned email address (it won't work for sending emails - just as a username) and password to log on and continue with their school work using the free software. Children could complete homework using this - two might choose to work together from the safety of their own homes and they can both edit the same document at the same time from different houses! Very clever technology...