Welcome to Glen Park Primary. We have another date for prospective September 2018 Entrants to look around the school. This will be on Thursday 23rd November at 2.00 p.m. Please ring the school office to book in (Tel: 339073)

Welcome to Year 5

Last update: 2017-11-14

Throughout year 5, we will be focusing on interesting sentence structures using something called ISPACED. You can download a PowerPoint with more details by clicking here. We are very excited getting back to school on Tuesday 5th September!

Year 5 Team

Year 5 enjoyed exploring Roald Dahl's The BFG, at the start of the year. We are now well into our topic, focusing on the history and geography of North America.


 In Science, we have been looking at the relative sizes of the planets in our Solar System. We have used fruit to improve our understanding of their sizes and the distances between the planets.

Ask your children what each fruit represents.

Can they remember what order the planets go in?



Note about homework: From this week onward, please can you ensure homework is back in school for the following Thursday. This will give us all the time to look over the homework properly so that children will get the credit due to them for their hard work.


Half Term Homework

The following letter sent home on Friday 20th October:


Dear Parents/Guardian                             

In our Numeracy group, we have been working on measures. Many of the children have found reading times on analogue and digital clocks tricky especially converting between the two.

E.g. quarter to 9 = 8:45       ten to 5 = 4:50

It would be really beneficial if, over the Half Term holiday, you could continue to practise these, asking your child the time at regular intervals during the day. They should be able to tell you the time as an analogue or digital time.

If they are brilliant at this already, please could you ask them what the time would be as a 24 hour clock time?

E.g. 1:40pm = 13:40      9:15pm = 21:15    2:55am = 02:55     12:30pm = 12:30   12.15am = 00:15

On the reverse are the units of measure to revise.  When your child knows these, you could ask them questions like-:

If 1 km is 1000m, how many m in ½ km?

If 1 hour is 60 minutes, how many minutes in ½ hour? ¼ hour?

If a metre is 100cm, how many cm in ¼ metre?


Many thanks for your support.

N. Padley A. Malein





Note: In Year 5, we want to encourage children to choose the most appropriate media to complete their tasks, so if they want to use computers or create models, or wish to use the more traditional poster approach, they are definitely allowed! Digital homework can be emailed into the school if it is easier.


 Times Table Rock Stars!

Remember to keep practising your times tables, Year 5.

Log in, play and practise to see if you can beat Miss Malein's score!

Google Classroom

We introduce the children to the Google Education suite of software in Year 5, including http://classroom.google.com. They can use their school assigned email address (it won't work for sending emails - just as a username) and password to log on and continue with their school work using the free software. Children could complete homework using this - two might choose to work together from the safety of their own homes and they can both edit the same document at the same time from different houses! Very clever technology...