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Welcome to Year 5

Last update: 2018-03-13


 Over the Christmas holidays, Year 5 have been hard at work, making their own model volcanoes. We have been absolutely thrilled with the impressive efforts the children have made. 


The variety of materials and techniques used was brilliant and some of the volcanoes are capable of 'erupting' as shown in the picture!


Using baking powder and a vinegar/water/food colouring mix, the volcano was made to erupt with flow of red, frothy lava. It was an impressive sight!


Well done for the brilliant homework. Using the experience of creating a model volcano, our next piece of homework is to write a set of instructions so that anyone can make a volcano just like ours.

Learning Log Homework 16.03.18

Note about homework: Please can you ensure homework is back in school for the following Thursday. This will give us all the time to look over the homework properly so that children will get the credit due to them for their hard work. 


Note: In Year 5, we want to encourage children to choose the most appropriate media to complete their tasks, so if they want to use computers or create models, or wish to use the more traditional poster approach, they are definitely allowed! Digital homework can be emailed into the school if it is easier.


 We do spelling sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On these days, all children must have their Spelling Log books in school with them. Spelling log books should live in each child's school bag, for easy use in school and at home, ensuring that it is in school for each spelling lesson. Spellings to be learned are logged in the book each session so it is important that all children have their log book with them on those days.

Below are the Year 5/6 words for Miss Malein's group and the Year 3/4 words for Mrs Padley's group.


 Times Table Rock Stars!

Remember to keep practising your times tables, Year 5.

Log in, play and practise to see if you can beat Miss Malein's score!


PE this term

This Spring term, outdoor games is on a Monday afternoon for Kittiwakes (Miss Malein) and Friday afternoon for Puffins (Mrs Padley). 

Indoor games is in the morning of Tuesday (Puffins) and Thursday (Kittiwakes).

All children must have PE kit in school all week.

*No earrings or studs are permitted and must be removed by the child prior to the lesson, or children must bring tape from home to cover their ears for PE lessons.

Google Classroom

We introduce the children to the Google Education suite of software in Year 5, including http://classroom.google.com. They can use their school assigned email address (it won't work for sending emails - just as a username) and password to log on and continue with their school work using the free software. Children could complete homework using this - two might choose to work together from the safety of their own homes and they can both edit the same document at the same time from different houses! Very clever technology...