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Welcome to Year 5

Last updated 23/05/2017

We are now well into Year 5, with the children clearly enjoying it so far and fully engaged.

At parents evening, many families asked about ISPACED - a tool we use to introduce more interesting sentence structures. You can download a PowerPoint with more details by clicking here.

Mr Gibson and Mrs Padley

There will be no homework sent out during half term. Hopefully, if the weather is good, that means you can enjoy the sun and some well earned time off to recharge your mental batteries ready for the last part of year 5.

So far we have...

  • begun to dip into The BFG as part of Roald Dahl week
  • created class rules
  • found our new lockers and coat pegs
  • discovered Google Classroom
  • drawn and painted portraits
  • evaluated blogs
  • enhanced our hockey skills
  • rehearsed mental calculation methods
  • considered time connectives as sentence starters
  • taken a series of assessments
  • tested our sewing skills
  • appointed school councillors
  • begun to explore space
  • seen Guys and Dolls at Heles School

Google Classroom

We have introduced the children to the Google Education suite of software, including hhtp://classroom.google.com. They can use their school assigned email address (it won't work for sending emails - just as a username) and password to log on and continue with their school work using the free software. Children could complete homework using this - two might choose to work together from the safety of their own homes and they can both edit the same document at the same time from different houses! Very clever technology...

Homework Guidance

Learning Logs will soon be going home with exciting activities planned and we know how keen everybody is to get it right. We will post information here, just in case your children are away for any reason, so that they don't miss out. In Year 5, we want to encourage children to choose the most appropriate media to complete their tasks, so if they want to use computers or create models, or wish to use the more traditional poster approach, they are definitely allowed! Digital homework can be emailed into the school via sgibson@glenpark.plymouth.sch.uk.