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Welcome to Year 3

Last update: 2017-09-20

What an amazing first few weeks. We are totally impressed with how hard your children have worked as we have read Fantastic Mr Fox, painted our portraits and introduced them to the new routines of Year 3. It was great to speak with many parents at the Meet the Teacher evening. The downloads we mentioned are at the bottom of the page.

Mrs Duncan, Mrs Coulton and Mr Gibson


During the first week, we read Fantastic Mr Fox. Why not try and follow the video and draw your own picture of Fantastic Mr Fox ready to bring in to school...

During the second week, we painted our self portraits - they'll be on display in the main hall soon.

During the third week, we began to look at Ancient Egypt, developing our historical questioning skills and learning about some amazing artefacts.

Homework given out 15th September 2017

WALT apply our knowledge of number bonds

We have been applying our knowledge of number bonds to quickly solve addition calculations in our heads, including using doubles, near doubles and our tables! Demonstrate your amazing maths skills.

WALT locate Ancient Egypt on modern maps

Next week we will begin our exciting topic on the Ancient Egyptians. We would like you to find where Modern Egypt is located today. Which continent is it on? What is the weather like? What is the climate like?

Homework given out 22nd September 2017

WALT describe settings

We have been learning how to describe settings using similes (as fast as a car), powerful adjectives and prepositional phrases (on / up / over the table).

Sit in a room of your house. Write sentences and phrases to describe the room. What can you see? Smell? Hear? How does the room make you feel?

WALT investigate artefacts

We have been rehearsing our questioning skills while looking at Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Pick an object in your house (or an Egyptian artefact from the Internet). Write a selection of questions – what would a historian want to know about your chosen object?

Downloadable Files

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