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Welcome to Year 3

Last update: 2018-01-17

Welcome to 2018! We have already started to learn loads about cities across the world in our geography lesson, all while having a lot of fun following a wide variety of instructions. Still to come this time, we'll be learning about the Romans, forming a ukulele orchestra and creating surveys in order to analyse results. It's going to be a busy run up to Easter...

Egyptian Homework

Thank you for all the hard work and effort that was put in by children (and parents) in producing the hugely varied array of Egyptian models. Mr Hutchings was so impressed that he's asked to keep several in school - you may have spotted them in the reception area or outside our classrooms. On the left there are a few photos of some of them - I'm sorry if we didn't include yours! There's just so many great examples to choose from!



Mr Gibson can be contacted via email if you have any questions about your child's learning: sgibson@glenpark.plymouth.sch.uk 


Homework given out 12th January 2018

WALT follow precise, unambiguous instructions

In the first full week, we made sandwiches, squash, biscuits and pirate hats – all by following instructions carefully. Write a set of instructions to tell us how you get ready for school.

WALT research information about cities

We have looked at cities across the world, looking at good points and bad points. Did you know that Tokyo is 153 times bigger than Plymouth? Find out some more amazing facts about cities all over the world.

Homework given out 19th January 2018

WALT use alliteration

Roald Dahl uses alliteration a lot when describing the ingredients to George’s Marvellous Medicine. Look at a normal food in your house and design an alliterative advert, e.g. Ben’s Bouncing Baked Beans; Peter’s Pricey Pepper?

WALT apply our multiplication tables

It is vital that children learn their tables. Each class has been focusing on a different set of multiplication tables this week. Go on Times Table Rock Stars website, create posters, recite tables over breakfast – anything to help you secure that knowledge!


Spellings from Mr Gibson

From Monday, we will be sharing spellings with my class in a slightly different way. Everything is explained in the document "Spellings Week 1" in the Downloadable Files. Children we receive this on Monday - it's here now to provide a sneak peak for you eager parents...

Downloadable Files

Year 3 Spellings
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