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Welcome to Year 1

Last updated 13.07.17

Week commencing 10.07.17

We have had a lovely week making our aquariums. The children have used all the skills they have learnt to design and decorate their boxes and next week we will be completing the finishing touches.

Week commencing 3.07.17

This week we have started to write our own version of Fidgety Fish. The children have amazed us with their amazing ideas.

We have also started designing and building our own aquarium.

Week commencing 26.06.17

This week we have started a new literacy unit based on Fidgety Fish. The children are really enjoying the story and have been really good at retelling the story.

The children have also created some lovely under the sea art using the stamping skills learnt last term.

Week commencing 19.06.17

This week we have had a lovely week with both our trip to the National Marine Aquarium and our sports day. The children represented the school perfectly at both and we are very proud of them all.

Week commencing 12/6/17

This week we have been continuing our non-fiction work and been learning lots of interesting facts about different sea creatures. We then moved on to thinking of our own questions that we would like to ask when we go on our trip to the aquarium.

In computing, we used the Ipads to record our own questions which the children really enjoyed.

We have been busy practising for sports day and hope the sun will be shining for us on Wednesday.

Please remember that the children need to be in school uniform for Monday's trip.


Week commencing 5/6/17

It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school. They have all come back and been keen to share what they have been up to over the holiday.

Week commencing 22/5/17

This week we have writing our own version of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. The children have been amazing at including all the objectives that we have been learning over the term - 'ed' words, 'ing' words, adjectives, using 'and' to extend sentences.

In numeracy, we have been continuing to learn about Measurement, Shape and Space. The children have been very good at using the key vocabulary for each unit . For example heavier/lighter for weight, full/empty for capacity.

Please note there is no homework this week due to half term. We hope you all have a lovely holiday and the children have a well deserved rest.

Week commencing 15/5/17

This week we welcomed Police Officers into our school. They talked to us about road safety and stranger danger. The children were extremely well behaved and a real credit to the school as usual.

In literacy we have had great fun planning disgusting packed lunches to stop the seagulls stealing Mr Grinling's lunch.

In Science we have planted some sunflowers and are equally waiting for them to grow.  

Over the last couple of weeks in numeracy we have been working hard on weighing and using the terms 'heavier' and 'lighter'.  

Week commencing 8/5/17

This week we have had great fun reading 'The lighthouse keeper's Lunch'. We have also been learning about adjectives and using these to describe different food items, i.e. ripe banana, juicy oranges.

In science, we have been labelling the parts of a plant. In art, we have been continuing repeated patterns and created some lovely art work using cotton reels.

Week commencing 1/5/17

This week seems to have whizzed by and the children have worked really hard. We are coming to the end of our literacy focus on beaches. We have been continuing to add 'ing' to words and make words plural by adding 'es/s'.

Next week we will be moving onto 'The lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' by Ronda and David Armitage.

Week commencing 24/4/17

The children have been looking at different trees this week - deciduous and ever green. The children have enjoyed exploring the school grounds and identifying the different tree types.

We have also had fun making lovely pieces of art work using repeated patterns.

Week commencing 21.04.17

It has been so lovely to see the children and to hear all about their Easter holidays. They have all come back to school keen to learn and have been superstars all week.

We have started our new history topic focusing on the seaside in the past.

Don't forget it's the class photo tomorrow.

Week commencing 27.3.17

We have had a fantastic week designing and making our Easter bags. The children have been brilliant at using different joining techniques and really thought about their design. It is lovely to see the unique and creative final products the children have made.

Week commencing 20.3.17.

The children have been fantastic at using all their knowledge of Sir Francis Drake and Neil Armstrong to write information text. The children have shown great knowledge of what the term facts means.

We have also been continuing our science and started to learn about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


Week commencing 13.3.17

This week the children have written an amazing recount of our trip to Buckland Abbey. They remembered to use their fronted adverbials (first, then, next, after that) and past tense. They all remembered lots of interesting things from the trip and included these in their recount.

The children have also enjoyed showing us how they have been using their number squares at home.

Week commencing 6.3.17

This week have been using our experience of last week's trip to start thinking about writing a recount. We have also been learning about past tense. The children have been amazing at changing words like 'walk' to 'walked'.


Week Commencing 27.2.17

On Thursday we went on a fantastic trip to Buckland Abbey. We learnt lots of interesting things about Sir Francis Drake and the Tudor times. The children were a credit to the school and all the guides commented on how polite and well-behaved the children were. Over the next few weeks we will be using our knowledge to produce some pieces of work including a recount and a non-chronological report.

We would like to thank all the parents who accompanied us as without your support the trip would not have been possible.

Week commencing 20.2.17

We have had a lovely first week back and have enjoyed hearing all about the children's week off.

This week we have started the story of 'Where's Spot?' and introduced the children to questions and question marks.  

Week commencing 6.2.17

This week we have been continuing to read the story of Dear Zoo. We have written some amazing stories and the children were very imaginative with the animals they used.

In art we went out to the wild area and spent time sketching the trees and then used coloured pencils to add detail.

We would like to remind parents that we will be going to Buckland Abbey on Thursday 2nd March and Parent evenings are on Tuesday 28th February, Wednesday 1st March and Thursday 2nd March.

Week commencing 30.1.17

This week we have been continuing to read the story of Dear Zoo. The children produced some lovely re-tell of the story and we are looking forward to next week when they can chose their own animals to write their own story.

In numeracy we have been looking at odds and evens as well as starting to look at the value of money.  

Week commencing 16.1.17

The children have been learning about natural and man made materials.

They have been continuing to apply their knowledge of proper nouns and we have been working hard on joining our cursive script.

Week commencing 9.1.17

The children have been on a 'material' hunt. They looked at what things are made of and the different properties of them.

We have also been learning about Proper Nouns and how people's names need to start with a capital letter.

We have had great fun dancing like soldiers in our PE lessons.

Week commencing 3.1.17


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It has been wonderful to see all the children return refreshed and ready to start the new term.

This week we have drawn some lovely line drawings in the style of Van Gogh and are looking forward to seeing the children create their own as homework.

Week commencing 12.12.16 

We hope you all enjoyed the Phase 1 nativity. The children were brilliant and the whole school is very proud of them. Watch out for a short video which we will post soon!


Week commencing 2.12.16

Literacy: We have started to think about our senses and relating this to Christmas. The children have been thinking about what they see, hear, taste, touch and smell during the festive season.

Topic: We have been looking at weather forecasts and the children have really enjoyed comparing the weather in three different countries.  

Nativity: The children have been hard at work rehearsing for the Nativity and we can't wait for you to see it.

Week commencing 24.11.16

Literacy: The children have written some great instructions for their pitta/roll creations.


Design and Technology: We have started making our baubles and the children have been practising cutting different materials such as felt.  

Week commencing 14.11.16

Literacy: The children had a great time making their own sandwich/pitta/roll creations.

We hope you are enjoying hearing your child practice their nativity singing at home.

Thank you to all the parents who have kindly offered their time to hear readers. The children are really enjoying sharing their books with you.

Week commencing 7.11.16 

Thank you to all those parents who attended parents evening.

We have started to think about Christmas. We have been busy practising the Nativity songs and the children are doing well at learning the words and actions.

Remember on Tuesday 6th December parents are invited into school to help with our Christmas bubble making.


Week commencing 31.10.16

Welcome back to school Year One!

We have had a lovely week and enjoyed hearing all about each other's holidays.

We have started a new literacy unit based on instructions and had fun making chocolate sprinkle sandwiches. The teddy bear hospital also came into visit.


Week commencing 17.10.16

Please note that there is no homework this week. We hope you all have a lovely half term and the children come back to school refreshed after their holiday.


Week commencing 10.10.16

The children had a lovely visit to see Nick Sharratt at the Guildhall. He loved looking at our book and even signed it for us. We are so proud of the children for all their hard work and the lovely work they produced to go into a Year One book.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos from the morning.

Week commencing 3rd October


In literacy, we have been continuing to explore 'Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly' and the children have been given the opportunity to chose their own objects and think of their own simple sentences such as 'I like purple sparkly bicycles'. The children came uo with some great ideas.


In numeracy, we have been focusing on number sentences (addition) and one more and one less.


In science, we have been learning about 'ourselves' and labelling different parts of our body.

Week commencing 26th September


In literacy we have been reading 'Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly' by Nick Sharrett. The children have really enjoyed this book and the simple style of it. Please see the homework sheet for more information.

Image result for red rocket and rainbow jelly

 In numeracy, we have been focusing on number sentences and using images to support us when carrying out addition.

The Little Red Hen Addition Sheet - the little red hen, addition, sheet, addition sheet, the little red hen worksheet, addition worksheet, numeracy, maths

We have also been looking at ways of making a number (5, 6 etc).



Week commencing: 19th September.

In literacy this week, we have been learning about captions and we have discussed how a caption is a short sentence. We have used photos of the school and written captions for them. The children have tried really hard with their capital letters and full stops. We have been really proud of the children as they are starting to use cursive letters in their writing.

In numeracy, we have been continuing to order numbers to 20 and to work out which number is 1 more. The children have been very good at using number lines to support themselves.

We have also painted some lovely portraits of ourselves for the school hall.

Thank you for all the amazing homework we have had in. We have enjoyed sharing them.

Week commencing 12th September.

n literacy this week we have been looking at labels and why they are important to us. We went around the school labelling all the tings we could find and the children had fun putting post - it - notes everywhere. In numeracy we have been looking at estimating accurately and ordering numbers to 20. The children have done an amazing job learning pre cursive handwriting and have been looking at l, i, and t.


Welcome to all the children who have started Year 1 this week. We have been really impressed with how they have come in and settled into their classes very quickly. This week we have been celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl by looking at the book The Enormous Crocodile. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and have been very creative making play dough crocodiles, painting them and using split pins to open their mouths.  

We have decided not to give out any homework this week so we can discuss our expectations during the Meet the Teacher evening on Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you then and will be happy to answer any of your questions.