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Welcome to Year 1 2017-18


Dear Year 1 parents and children,

Welcome to your page! We hope you enjoy looking at the photos and reading about all the exciting things that we will do over the year.

Mrs Bushe, Mrs Clarke and Miss Abbott.


Week Commencing 09.07.18 

This week has been very exciting in year 1. The children had the opportunity to visit their new class teachers and spend some time in their year 2 classroom. We will be very sad to see them leave year 1 but feel assured they are certainly ready for a new challenge. 

We have also had the chance to finish adding decoration to our aquariums which are looking really. We are going to be selecting a few of the best ones to make a display! 

The children have also been really excited to begin learning how to edit videos on iMovie. They have learnt lots of new skills in the process such as being able to crop and remove parts of the movie. 

Week commencing 25.06.18 

We have had a really busy week in year 1! The children have been able to write up their own version of the story 'The Disgusting Sandwich'. They have produced some wonderful pieces of writing, we have been very impressed with the work they have produced. 

The children were incredibly excited to take part in sports day. We were so proud of them, especially in the hot weather - they behaved fantastically. It was also lovely to see so many parents coming to support us. 

In addition to this we have also been busy making our own aquariums as part of our DT topic. We have painted our boxes and designed our own sea animals we looking forward to completing our boxes with the slider mechanism.

Week Commencing 11.06.18

This week we have been writing our own story based on  'The disgusting sandwich'. The children have been amazing at learning the story map  and have even come up with their own actions.

In science we have been exploring the differences between animals. We have looked at groups of animals such as reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish and birds. We then moved on to sorting animals depending on what they eat (carnivores, herbivores or omnivores).


Our spellings this week are 'where' and 'there'.

Week Commencing 17.05.18

As part of our literacy unit we started reading 'the lighthouse keepers lunch'. We discussed the items Mrs Grinling puts in Mr Grinling's lunch to send to the lighthouse. We then had a go at tasting a variety of different foods and generated lots of different adjectives together.

Week Commencing 07.05.18

This week we have really enjoyed exploring different patterns. The children were able to find patterns around the school as well as creating their own through finger painting and using stamps.

In Literacy we have been looking at using the suffix 's' and 'es' to show plurals. We know that plural means more than one and have been practising using this in our writing. We are very good at remembering the rule: Nouns ending in x, z, s, sh, ch we add es to the end!

Week Commencing 30.05.18

The children have had lots of fun beginning to think about measurement and comparing different objects. We have practised using scales to weigh items as well as using rulers to measure them.

We have also had so much fun watching our sunflowers grow, they are getting nice and tall now. We have been very good at looking after them by watering them and making sure they are propped up with a stick to help them grow straight.

Week Commencing 23.04.18

This week the children have really enjoyed learning and sharing facts about Neil Armstrong as part of their 'information text' writing in literacy. We have learnt how to write in paragraphs and what sub-headings are used for.

We have also begun our History unit on 'holidays of the past'. The children explored differences and similarities between going on holiday now compared to a long time ago. We had fun looking at and sorting lots of photos to show this.

Week Commencing 15.03.18

The children thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Buckland Abbey last week. They learnt lots of new facts about Sir Francis Drake and were able to share lots of things we have learnt in class.

Following this trip the children have begun learning how to write a recount of our day. We are really focusing on using the conjunctions (and/but) to join our ideas together.

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Week Commencing 19.02.18

We began exploring different locations and explaining what a location is. We enjoyed using picture maps to navigate our way around the school. Following this we were able to create our own picture map to get us from one location to another. We have also been using the vocabulary 'near to' and ' far away' to describe where we are in relation to other locations.  

Week Commencing 05.02.18

This week we have had lots of fun exploring new things. As part of 'Internet Safety Day' we spent the afternoon discussing how we can keep safe online. We created our own digital footprints using paint and talked about what footprints can tell you about someone. We know it can show us where someone has been or where they are going. We compared this to the internet and talked about our own digital footprints. We also talked through lots of different scenarios and discussed what was safe and what was not safe. We learnt that it is very important not to share any personal information online.

Week Commencing 25.01.18

This week we have begun innovating the narrative 'On The Way Home'. We have had lots of fun exploring different adjectives to describe the animals Claire meets during the story and even coming up with different animals for our own version of the story.

We have also started our new science unit, exploring materials! We had a go at sorting different every objects into material categories.

Week Commencing 15.01.18

This week the children have had the chance to start learning about line drawing in Art. We have really enjoyed experimenting and even got the chance to go outside and draw some winter trees using all we have learnt so far.

In numeracy we have been working really hard on our fluency. We have been practising number bonds and one more and one less. We are getting super quick at our number facts!

Week Commencing 08.01.17

This week we have really enjoyed getting back to school after the holidays. We have all been very pleased to see the children coming back eager to learn and settling well into the school routine.

We have started our new unit in Literacy based on the narrative 'On The Home'. We have started by creating a story map and practising retelling the story. We even had a go at using props to help us get into character. We are really looking forward to creating our own versions of the story!

Week Commencing 14.12.17

This week we have really enjoyed getting in to the Christmas spirit. We loved performing our nativity to our families and friends. The children worked so hard to learn all the songs and their own lines. We were very proud of them!


We have also been creating lots of Christmas crafts to bring home and enjoyed colouring our own Santa's grotto!

We have completed our literacy unit on 'Christmas Senses'. We have all created our own Christmas poems. We can't wait for you to read them!

Week commencing 4.12.17

This week we have had fun practising our nativity in our costumes. The children all look amazing and the staff would like to thank the parents for providing such lovely costumes.

Week commencing 27-11-17

This week we have been working hard practising the nativity. Please can you continue to support your child learning their lines and practising the songs.

We are very excited about our open afternoon next week and the children can't wait to work with their parents making their baubles.

Week Commencing 23-11-17

This week we have had lots of fun practising for this year's nativity 'It's a Baby'. The children have been very good at learning their lines!

We have also been continuing the story of 'Eat Your Peas' and the children have worked really hard to innovate the ideas from the story and come up with their own sentences.

During DT we have started getting into the Christmas spirit by thinking of Christmas designs for our baubles. We had our first go at sewing which was lots of fun! We are really looking forward to sharing what we have learnt with you very soon.

Week Commencing 13-11-17

In literacy this week we have started our new unit on the narrative 'Eat Your Peas'. We spent some time investigating the front cover of the book and thinking about what we think the book may be about.

We explored different things that we don't like and talked about why we don't like them. We then had a go at exploring role play and the children took it in turns to be Daisy and Mum. We talked about things Mum could give Daisy to persuade her to eat her peas. The children were very good at getting into role and really enjoyed sharing their ideas. We are really enjoying exploring our first narrative text!

We were also very lucky to have a visit from the RSPB who talked to us about wildlife and the habitats that wildlife might live in. We went outside and explored lots of the habitats in our wild area including the pond, trees, hedges and a compost heap. We completed a Journey Map to show the areas we explored and which habitats we saw. We then thought about some of the ways that we could improve our area to provide more habitats for wildlife such as developing a stone pile, an insect home and bird feeders. 

Week Commencing 06-11-17

This week in literacy we have been working really hard to write our instructions for our own sandwiches. We practised retelling our instructions to our partner using Ku Fu punctuation (remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops). We have also been working really hard on our cursive script. The children have enjoyed transferring this script into their writing. We are looking forward to starting a new literacy topic next week!

In numeracy we enjoyed participating in a number of games (individual and team) to show ordinal numbers. We even got a paper medal! We talked about the little letters that come after numbers sometimes and discussed what these mean (1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th).

Week Commencing 30-11-17

We have had a great week back after the half term break. In literacy we have continued learning how to write instructions. This week we even got to have a go at making our own sandwiches with a choice of bread, spread and sprinkles! We then enjoyed eating our delicious sandwiches.

In science we have started learning about the seasons. We have been seasonal explorers around the school grounds. We discussed how we know the season is changing from autumn to winter.

Week Commencing 15-10-17
This week we have continued learning about instructions. We acted out the instructions using Kung Fu punctuation, remembering a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. We have been working really hard on using cursive script in our writing. We are looking forward to inventing our own sandwiches after half term.

It was great to see so many baby photos this week. We had great fun guessing who was who. The children have started thinking about the past and how much they have changed including the different toys they played with.

Week Commencing 12-10-17

We have been enjoying ourselves lots in Year 1 this week. We have finished our Literacy unit on 'Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly', the children were able to produce their first big write. They had the chance to write sentences about things they like. They added adjectives to make their writing more interesting.

We have now started our next unit on instructions. We discussed what instructions are and talked about using 'bossy verbs' to deliver instructions. The children all had the opportunity to follow instructions either outside or in the sports hall. We then had a go at following instructions to make our own chocolate sprinkle sandwich. The children enjoyed this very much! We will begin writing our instructions for this next week.

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Week commencing 02.10.17

This week we have continued with our literacy topic based on Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly. Over the week we have had lots of fun thinking of adjectives to describe things that we like. The children had lots of fun sharing their ideas with each other.

Our word for the week is 'my'. We have started using this in our writing. The children enjoyed drawing and painting a picture of themselves and adding a caption to show 'My name is..' and something they like doing. Eg. 'I love going to the beach'. We are working really hard to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our writing.

We have also enjoyed developing our number skills this week:


Week commencing 25.09.17

We have started our new literacy topic based on Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Nick Sharrett and Sue Heap.

 Image result for red rockets and rainbow jelly

This book is a lovely book for the children as it is made up of simple but fun sentences.

Image result for red rockets and rainbow jelly

Over the week we have had lots of fun composing and even writing our own sentences.

Our word of the week - 'like'. Please can the children practice reading, writing and spelling the word.

Week commencing 18.09.17

This week we have moved on to writing captions. We had a walk around the school and then had to write a sentence about that place i.e. This is the office.

The children were so good at writing captions that we moved on to writing captions about ourselves. One of our favourite captions was by Evie who wrote "I like decorating cupcakes.'

Learning Logs - WOW! We have been amazed by the quality of the learning logs.

Thank you to all the parents who have kindly offered to come in and hear readers. We are very grateful.


Our word of the week - 'the'. Please can the children practice reading, writing and spelling this word.

Week commencing 11.09.17

The children have had a lovely first full week in Year 1. They have come to school every day ready and eager to learn, they have worked well with each other and are kind and thoughtful to each other.


In literacy this week we have started to write labels and lists. The children have enjoyed labelling different objects in the classroom. They were brilliant at writing shopping lists.


In numeracy we have been securing our counting to 20. The children have been learning different strategies to support their counting.