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Glen Park Primary School

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Welcome to Year 1


The children in Year 1 have continued to work on instructions this week in Literacy and have been amazing at using a text map to retell instructions.

We have also encouraged the children to use 'Kung Fu Punctuation' to help them remember where to use capital letters and full stops - ask them to show you the actions!

As a result of all their hard work, we have been amazed at the quality of writing they have produced in their Big Writes this week!

Learning Log homework this week...


Our new Literacy unit this week is all about instructions!
We have explored some instructions in class and have learnt about 'bossy verbs'. They are words that we use at the start of instruction sentences to tell someone what to do. We are amazing at spotting them in our teachers' instructions!


Here are some of the children from Chaffinches following instructions to make a delicious jam sprinkle sandwich!!

Here are some of the children from Sparrows following instructions to make a delicious jam sprinkle sandwich!!


Learning Log homework this week...


This week our Cubism portraits in the style of Picasso took shape!

We selected four different pieces of different portraits and carefully joined them together to make a new portrait.


Learning Log homework this week...


We have learnt about a Spanish artist this week called Pablo Picasso and looked at the type of artwork he produced in his lifetime. We have looked more closely at the portraits he created in the style of cubism.

Look at us in action, painting our portraits using a variety of colours!

Learning Log homework this week...


In year 1 this week we have started to use objects in our numeracy lessons to show how great we are at careful counting. We have also started our literacy unit, 'Labels, Lists and Captions', and have been looking around our school to find things we can write labels for.


 This week's learning log...














Thank you so much to all of the parents that were able to attend our 'Meet the Teacher' evening last night - it was fantastic to properly meet so many of you!
Following this meeting, here is a copy of our Year 1 timetable, and the slideshow we used in the meeting for your reference:

Learning Log homework for this week...



It has been fantastic to welcome so many smiling faces to Year 1 this week.
We hope everyone has enjoyed their first week getting to know the staff they will be working with this year.


In Sparrows class we have Mrs Bushe, Mrs Clarke and Miss King.

In Chaffinches class, we have Miss Turner and Mrs Pearse.


Please come and see us at the gate in the morning or afternoon if you have any queries.


Photos coming soon!