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Welcome to the Foundation Stage

Last updated 7.7.17

This term our topic is 'In the Jungle'

This term we are going to be learning about the jungle.  We are hoping to have a visitor to come and talk to us about some of the creatures that live in the jungle.  In the role play the children are exploring a jungle with magnifying glasses and a scented tuff tray.  We will be looking at where jungles are and exploring globes and maps.  The children will have the opportunity to look at Google Earth.

Week Beginning 3.7.17

We can't believe we have got to July already, what a quick year this has been!  This week the children have found out who their year one teachers are and we are beginning to show them their classrooms so they can get used to where they will be.  We have been practising number bonds to 10, which they have appeared to have picked up well and they enjoyed playing a game on the interactive screen which I will post below incase they want to play at home.  We have done some amazing writing this week as the children have written a short version of the story of Monkey Puzzle.  They have been able to write in sentences with some of them really thinking about their spelling and using capital letters and full stops.  We have also learnt about jungle animals and we spent some time sorting them between jungle and non-jungle animals.  We recapped on colour mixing and the children enjoyed painting a rainbow, identifying and mixing the correct colours.

Week Beginning 30.6.17

This week got off to a great start with our jungle day.  The children came in with all sorts of wonderful questions, we were very impressed with all the efforts.  We had a good day with Dartmoor Zoo bringing in some animals to show us.  We had a gecko, a bearded dragon, a large African Tiger snail, a cockroach and a snake.  The children were very inquisitive and brave and many jumped in when they were given the chance to touch or hold the animals.  We also had great fun making elephants out of milk bottles and cooking up courgette fritters.  A very busy day all round!  This week, we have also carried on with storymapping the story of 'Monkey Puzzle' and the children have started to write some parts of the story.    In maths, some of us have been practising number bonds to 10 and counting out tens and ones to make a 2 digit number.

Week Beginning 19.6.17

Wow what a week it has been!  The sun has been shining and the children have enjoyed playing in the outdoor area.  We had a paddling pool for a couple of days to help the children cool down, which they loved!  We have also had Sports Day this week, the children put in so much effort and did a fantastic job.  We would like to thank you for all of you support too.  We have begun to learn the story Monkey Puzzle in literacy and in numeracy we have begun to explore 'big' numbers, putting them in order and reading them accurately.  On Monday will be our Jungle Day we look forward to seeing all of the children in their outfits and seeing the different animals Dartmoor Zoo bring in.

Week Beginning 12.6.17

It has been another busy week in Foundation this week.  The children had a fantastic time on Wednesday for their Football Fun Day.  The Year 6 children created some fantastic activities and everybody participated well with lots of smiles on their faces.  We would like to thank you for all your support for the event as well.  On Thursday we had the Buddies children come and see us and we showed them all of our different toys and how we play with them.  We also had Sports Day practice with Mrs Tucker, hopefully we will be ready for Wednesday!

Week Beginning 5.6.17

We hope that you have all had a fantastic week off.  This week has been a short week but the children have settled well back into school life.  We have begun our end of year assessments and the children have enjoyed learning with Millie the Bug.  We have written about our holidays and explored Jungle small world toys. 

This term our topic is 'Food and Farming'

This term we are going to be learning all about 'Food and Farming '.  The children will be learning where our food comes from and the importance of farming. In our role play area, we have a flower and farm shop where they can have fun and use their imaginations whilst practising their maths skills and using money.  We will continue to explore growth and change by looking at the life cycles of plants, chickens and butterflies.  In literacy, we will learn how to follow and write our own instructions.

Week Beginning 22.5.17

What fantastic weather we have had this week.  The children in Foundation have thoroughly enjoyed getting outside in the outdoor area and on the field.  The children have had letters from Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh again this week, thanking them for their advice.  They are now teachers and the children have written references to the Head Teacher Mr Green and have shown Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh how to write sentences correctly. In numeracy we have been working on our addition skills.  Some of us have been practising with a number line and some of us are learning how to hold a number in our head and count on.  Robins have enjoyed music this week and have learnt some actions to the song 'Drop in the Ocean'.  We will be sending out the children's Learning Journeys this evening and would love to hear your comments and receive photos of the children enjoying their Half Term Holiday. We hope you have a lovely week and look forward to seeing you on the 6th June.


Week Beginning 15.5.17

Despite some soggy wet weather this week, we have still had fun.  We had a visit from the police to talk to us about how to keep safe when crossing the road and what to do when we are lost.  They brought in some police outfits for us to see and some of the children even got to try them on.  The naughty characters from our story (What the Ladybird Heard), Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len stole our spot cards and wrote us a letter to demand money. This encouraged all the children to write their own letters to explain to the robbers that it had made them sad. We then received a reply from them apologising and asking for advice.  Again, the children wrote letters telling them to find better jobs where they can be nicer people.  This was great for their motivation, all of them were keen to have their say to the robbers and they were practising their key writing skills at the same time!  In our numeracy sessions this week, we have been measuring distance and height.  We had a good time dropping cars down a ramp to see how far they travelled and marking off to see which went the shortest/longest distance. We also ordered the different heights of dinosaurs and searched the playground to find things taller or shorter than a metre stick.

Week Beginning 8.5.17

This week has been a messy week!  We have been making pizzas from scratch, with the children all having a go at making the dough and choosing the toppings. They were delicious and they thoroughly enjoyed making them. We have also made salt dough mini-beasts which will be painted next week.  In literacy, we have enjoyed looking at the story of 'What the Ladybird Heard.'  We looked at the different characters in the story and wrote character descriptions for the robbers 'Hefty Hugh' and 'Lanky Len'.  We did lots of activities based around the story such as creating wanted posters, collaging ladybirds, making maps and many more.  In numeracy we have been learning to share making sure that we are being fair.  We have done this, by sharing out items one at a time to each person.  Our plants are coming on nicely and we have enjoyed seeing some of the photos that you have sent in of the ones you have at home.

Week Beginning 1.5.17

We hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.  The children have had a lovely short week in Foundation.  We have been exploring repeating patterns in numeracy this week.  We began by looking at patterns with 2 colours and then 3 colours.  At the end of the week we were looking at making patterns using things other than colours ie boy, girl or triangle, square.  In Literacy we have been writing instructions on how to make a ham sandwich.  The children have worked really hard at 'Fredding' their words, using finger spaces and full stops.  We have also begun to develop our Growing Area, we have some herbs growing, tomato and pepper plants and a strawberry plant. We are really enjoying seeing how your plants have grown at home.  If your plant has survived we would love to see a photo of it.

Week Beginning 24.4.17

The children have had another busy week in Foundation. This week in numeracy we have been learning all about capacity, we have compared different containers and put them in order of which holds the most to least.  The children have done really well at explaining their understanding. In literacy we have been exploring instructions, what they are and how important it is to give clear instructions.  The children gave the adults instructions on how to make a ham sandwich, we then text mapped the instructions and learnt them.  We have also explored the smell and look of different vegetables and learnt about the life cyle of a chicken.  For music this week Mrs Rossiter's class had a special treat and learnt some French songs with Mrs Horgan, they really enjoyed it! 

Week Beginning 18.4.17

Welcome back! The children have enjoyed telling us all about the fun they had in the Easter holidays in the sun and each of them wrote a short recount.  We have started to explore our new topic 'Farm and Food' and have been learning about where our food comes from.  In literacy, we have been learning to read and follow instructions during our play e.g Jump on the spot, run to the bench.  In numeracy, some of the children have been practising to take away and some have been learning how to find half of an amount. 

This term our topic is 'People who help us'

This term we are going to be learning all about 'People who help us'.  We are going to explore some non-fiction books to find out about different occupations and we will have visitors, such as a nurse, firefighter and policeman in to school to speak to us about what they do. In our role play area, we have a veterinary surgery for the children to explore.

Week Beginning 27.3.17

This week has been so busy, I'm not quite sure how we have fit everything in!  It has been Design Technology week for the school and we decided to make bags.  The children did designs first, chose their fixing materials, such as velcro or sewing and then set about making them.  Finally they decorated them beautifully and we were very pleased with the results.  On Monday, we had a visit from Mrs Conlon, who is a veterinary nurse.  She told us all about her job, we learnt so much and were very excited to see the real x- rays and dog teeth that she brought in.  On Tuesday we had our open afternoon and the children thoroughly enjoyed showing their families around our learning space, its was great fun.    On Friday there was the Great Glen Park Bake Off so there was plenty of cake to go around!  What a fantastic week! We hope you all have a great Easter break. 

Week Beginning 20.3.17

Lovely to see some good weather this week, we have all enjoyed being outside.  On Wednesday we had a welly walk where we looked around the nature area and discovered all the different textures in our environment.  We also took numeracy outside as we explored position. We crawled under, climbed over, stood infront, behind and on top of different areas in the playground.  This week it has been great to see the children trying to write in sentences and even exploring full stops and capital letters.  Finally, Comic Relief day was full of fun and the children's accessories were fantastic.  

Week Beginning 13.3.17

The children have worked really hard again this week.  In numeracy we have been exploring money and beginning to talk about the value of different coins.  We then 'bought' different things using the coins we had learnt about.  In literacy we have been learning about what a sentence is, adapting out story map and beginning to retell it.  The children have shown how their confidence has grown and are beginning to show their writing skills during independent learning time.  We planted some seeds last week, so this week we have looked at how the seeds have grown.  Also the children have explored the uniforms people who help us wear and why they wear them.

Week Beginning 6.3.17

We have had another exciting week in foundation.  We have had a couple of visitors in, first on Tuesday Mr Chapple came in, to talk to the children about his job as a fireman.  He explained his role and how he helps people and then let the children explore his uniform. The children really enjoyed trying on his boots, jacket and helmet.  On Friday, Mrs Diamond came in to talk to the children about her job as a nurse.  She brought in Lenny the Lion and Rufus, who had both had accidents - breaking their leg and hurting their eye. Mrs Diamond made them better, she checked their temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels and then gave them some medicine. The children really enjoyed listening to Mrs Diamond and watching her assess the teddies.  In numeracy we have been doubling this week and talking about more or less.  We have also been working on our writing making sure we use finger spaces between words so our sentences can be read by other people.

Week Beginning 27.2.17

This week we have had great fun celebrating Pancake Day and World Book Day.  We learnt all about Shrove Tuesday before making the batter together and finally cooking and tasting the delicious pancakes.  In maths, we have focused on shapes, revising 2D shapes and learning the names and properties of 3D shapes.  Maybe the children could have a go at telling you some of the shapes they see around them at home. In literacy, we have been doing some non fiction writing about a doctor.  On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day with a catwalk fashion show to share all of our wonderful costumes as well as looking at and sharing our favourite books.

Week Beginning 20.2.17

We hope that you all had a great half term break.  We have enjoyed the first week back learning about 'People who help us'.   This week we learnt about the different jobs a doctor does.  The children have enjoyed exploring the vets role play and they have been taking all their sick pets along.  Its been great to see some of the children building their confidence in writing.  They are trying hard to write short sentences all on their own which is really impressive.  In numeracy, some children have been learning to take away using a numberline and jumping back to find the answer.  A reminder that next week on  Thursday 2nd March, it is World Book Day and the children are invited to come along dressed as a book character.

This term our topic is 'Pirates and Princesses'

This term our learning will be around the theme of Pirates and Princesses. In a couple of weeks we will be having a visitor in to go on an adventure with and help us hunt for treasure.  We will be reading and innovating the story 'That's not my Pirate' and exploring 2D shapes.  As an extra this term we will be learning about Chinese New Year, exploring how they celebrate and the type of food they eat.  

Week Beginning 6.2.17

Another term has come to the end and what a busy term it has been.  In numeracy we have been exploring time this week and simple addition.  The children have been using their fingers and cubes to solve simple addition sentences and then writing their answers.  They have also been using a sand timer to time how many star jumps/ runs we can do in a minute.  Can the children get ready for bed in a minute? Get their coat and shoes on?  In literacy we have revisited rhyme, can your children complete the game? http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/laac/words/dg3.shtml We hope that you have a lovely relaxing half term and look forward to seeing you all refreshed when we come back.

Week Beginning 30.1.17

Gung Hey Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!

We have had a fantastic week learning all about Chinese New Year.  At the beginning of the week Mr Chan came in to tell us all about Chinese New Year and showed us a Lion Dancing costume.  We have learnt all about how people celebrate Chinese New Year, cleaning their house to wash away all last years bad luck and be ready for the new year and good luck.  The special colour is red because they use it scared away the monster Nian and we read the story of the Jade Emperor and how the years are named after animals. We learnt that we were either born in the 'Year of the Rabbit or Dragon' and made lots of craft things.  To end our celebrations Mr Wang brought in some Chinese food from his restaurant for us all to try, it was delicious! 

Week Beginning 23.1.17

The children in Foundation have had another busy week.  We have continued to practise our writing, working hard to use finger spaces in our writing.  In Numeracy we have been working on recognising our numbers and adding 2 groups of objects together to find the total.  Some of us have been exploring number sentences and how to solve them using our fingers, objects and using a number line.  We have also been developing our pretend play, using the outside area to make Pirate ships and go on Pirate adventures.  Next week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year, how it is celebrated and on Friday we will be having Chinese food cooked for us by a local restaurant.

Week Beginning 16.1.17

What a week in we have had in Foundation! Monday was our Pirate and Princess Day, the children were visited by Captain Jack who told them stories about his life and the things he does.  Then they went on treasure hunt, solving the clues to find the treasure and finally exploring balloon boats and how they work. Thank you for all of your support and the fantastic costumes.  In literacy we have been writing the story 'That's not my Pirate', working hard to use our Fred frog fingers, finger spaces and full stops.  In maths we have continued to work on our number recognition for numbers 0 - 20, our number formation, estimating groups of objects and explaining why we have chosen that estimate and counting objects that cannot be moved.

Week Beginning 9.1.17

This week, the children in Foundation have been busy working on their maths skills.  Some groups have been adding two groups together and some have been finding one less than any number up to 10 or 20.  They have been learning how to explain their answers by counting objects and using number lines.  In literacy, we mapped out and learnt the story of 'That's not my Pirate' and then even started adapting it with our own ideas.  We have also been learning about floating and sinking by testing different objects, maybe this is one they could try at home when they are in the bath!  They may also be able to tell you some things in their homes that need electricity to work as we have been discussing technological items and explaining how we use them.  A very hectic and fun week all round! A reminder that on Monday we have our 'Pirate day' and the children are invited to dress up as a pirate or princess.  We have a special visitor coming in so we will look forward to an action packed day.

Week Beginning 2.1.17

Happy new year and welcome back! We hope that you all had a great Christmas.  The children have come back telling us all about all the lovely things they enjoyed doing and are very excited about all the gifts they received.  This week, we have been getting in to our pirate theme as we now have a pirate ship role play in the classroom and we have been sharing the book 'That's not my Pirate.' Everyone is very excited about our new topic especially as we had a go at making pirate treasure maps.  In maths, we have been naming 2D shapes and learning how to describe them by counting the number of sides and corners. 

Thank you for everyone who has offered to help with reading,  we are very grateful and look forward to seeing you next week.  Further to the letter sent home, we just wanted to remind you that on Monday 16th January, we will have a 'Pirates and Princesses' day and the children are invited to come to school dressed up for a day of exciting activities.

This term our topic is 'Celebrations'

Over the next 6 weeks we will be looking at a variety of celebrations from different countries and religions. We will start of with 'Spooky Fortnight', then Diwali, Thanksgiving and finally Christmas.  We will be looking at the traditions associated with all of the celebrations and take part in activities associated with the celebration.

Week Beginning 12.12.16

We would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all of the children who have worked so hard and did a fantastic job with their Christmas Performance.  They spoke so clearly and sang beautifully, we are all very proud of them.  They have had a lovely week this week with their Christmas Lunch and Christmas Party. The Elf has continued to visit leaving little presents for the children who have worked exceptionally hard. Your child's Learning Journey has been emailed to you, please look out for this, we would love to hear what you think of them.  The Foundation Team would like to say a huge thank you for all of your support over the Autumn Term and would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing everybody back in January.

Week Beginning 5.12.16

The Elf has been busy visiting Foundation every day this week.  He has been watching all of the children at school working hard and looking out for children who have impressed him.  The Foundation classes have gone Christmas mad making decorations, cards and calendars for their families at home. We have also done our first dress rehearsal to the rest of the school and Pre-School, the children were very confident saying their lines and are looking forward to everybody coming in next week.

Week Beginning 28.11.16

We have had another busy week in Foundation.  the children have continued to practise their Christmas Performance and are amazing us with their confidence.  In numeracy we have started to look at repeating patterns, the children have begun to talk about and explain how they know which colour will come next.  We have had a fantastic day today at Pennywell Farm, when we arrived we ate our lunch watching The Snowman. We then went into the Barn to watch the Nativity performance where we dressed up and took part, even getting to ride some of the animals.  After that we went to the café for juice and a biscuit before going to see Santa. We would like to say a big thank you to all the children for making us proud with their behaviour and to all the adults that helped, we wouldn't be able to do trips like this without you.  Just a little reminder that Christmas Performance costumes need to be in tomorrow Friday 2nd December, thank you.

Week Beginning 21.11.16

Our apologies for the delay, Friday was a hectic day with the 'Brake's Big Walk' and the Christmas fair.  Lots of fun was had on both and we were particularly impressed with how sensible the children were as we went on our walk.  This week we have been learning how to add one more in our numeracy sessions.  Firstly, they did this with objects (How many animals in the zoo? One more arrives, how many now?)  Then we moved on to using number lines to identify one more and finally some of us began to record this using number sentences.  In literacy, we enjoyed sharing the story of 'Dear Santa'.  The children then learnt how to retell the story using pictures and actions.  They were so proud of themselves as they remembered every step and so were we!
Next week, we will be writing our own words/ sentences to go with the story. Thank you to those who have sent in some Autumn/Winter selfie pictures, we have enjoyed looking at them.    

Next Thursday is our trip to Pennywell farm,  Children need to wear school uniform on this occasion.  We would also like to remind parents that the nativity costumes need to be in by next Friday 2nd December.  We are all  enjoying preparing for the performance and would like to thank you for helping them to learn their lines.

Week Beginning 14.11.16

The children in Foundation have had another exciting week.  We enjoyed Children in Need dressing up in spotty clothes and taking part in lots of Pudsey activities.  In numeracy we have been exploring weight, the children talked about whether objects were heavy or light, we used balance scales to work out which object was heavier or lighter and explored weights that are the same.  We have also had a photo booth in the classroom this week, the children have used props and the iPads to take selfies. Can your children take an autumn/winter selfie with your child and send it in?  In literacy we have played games on the iPad, played I spy, making letters out of playdough and had a treasure hunt looking for hidden sounds, the children have had lots of fun.  As part of our celebrations topic we have looked at Diwali, watched videos to see how they celebrate, made rangoli patterns and mendhi patterns and talked about how it is the same and different to Christmas.  We have also had discussions this week on how we treat one another and the importance of being kind.

Week Beginning 7.11.16

This week we have been working hard to learn our nativity songs and we are starting to get very excited about performing to our parents.  In maths, we have been learning to notice that the total stays the same when we don't add anything or take anything away. In literacy we have continued to learn new sounds, write them and begin to blend words together independently.  Next week we are going to be thinking about the celebration of Diwali.

Week Beginning 4.11.16

What a fantastic first week the children have had back at school after half term.  We were very impressed with all of their spooky costumes on Monday, thank you for your support, the children had a fantastic time.  This week we have been learning to form our numbers correctly, careful count and add 2 groups of objects together.  We have continued to learn new sounds and are beginning to blend those sounds together to read words. We made potions in the cauldrons, drew charcoal witches, made split pin skeletons and collaged pumpkins.  If your child can do any of these things at home please send in a WOW note for us to share in class.

This term our topic is 'Superheroes'

Our first term at school is a very exciting one where will be spending time settling in and getting to know eachother.  The children will enjoy exploring the activities in the classrooms and begin to learn sounds through the Read, Write Inc programme.  We will focus on improving their pencil grip by practising our fine motor skills.  The children will enjoy playing with and dressing up as superheroes in our superhero rescue centre.

Week Beginning 17.10.16

Another action packed week where the children have continued to learn their sounds with enthusiasm and are starting to learn how to blend them together to read simple words.  We have sent home turtle words for the children to practise and we are pleased to see that they are doing well with these.  In maths sessions, we have been learning to recognise numbers to 20, putting them in order and explaining how we know when they are in the wrong order.  On Wednesday, Mrs Croft came to foundation to tell us that some strange things had been found in the nature area and asked whether we could investigate.  When we got there, we found wings, glittery dust and mini doors.  We drew the items and then discussed who the mystery visitor/s could have been.  The children had fun guessing and then decided it must have been fairies.  

This week, we have emailed over the individual portfolios to all parents so please check your email accounts these.  When we return to school on Monday 31st October, we are having a spooky day and the children are invited to dress up in spooky costumes.  It's sure to be spook-tacular!  

We hope you have a great half term and look forward to seeing you then.

Week Beginning 10.10.16

This week has been another exciting week for the children in Foundation.  We have had PE for the first time and have had our parents in to show them all of our fabulous learning.  The children did a brilliant job getting changed all by themselves and thoroughly enjoyed the activities in the Main Hall.  On Wednesday we had our Open Day which was fantastic and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. Next week on Monday we have our Number Evening at 5.30pm to share some ideas and strategies we use to teach the children, we look forward to seeing you there.

Week Beginning 3.10.16

We all had a great time on our Superhero day on Thursday. The costumes were amazing and the children loved dressing up.  We had lots of exciting activities to explore.  Such as a Superhero training Centre where we crawled through tunnels, did target throwing and pretended to lift weights so that we could be strong and fit.  We also baked some biscuits and decorated them before we ate them.  The most exciting part of our day was when we had some very special visitors courtesy of 'Plymouth Party Princesses.'  We were so please to welcome Spiderman and Anna from Frozen.  Spiderman really impressed us with his dance moves and Anna Sang to us so we thoroughly enjoyed joining in with them.    

Week Beginning 26.9.16

We have had another busy week in Foundation.  We have continued to learn lots of new sounds and the children have amazed us with how quickly they have picked the sounds up. We have also began to read a new book - 'Superworm', the children have enjoyed finding out about his adventures.  We have started painting our portraits for the school hall which look lovely and we look forward to them going up. Finally we had some new things to play with in our outdoor area, we have had great fun constructing amd building with the tyres, rope and cable reels. If your child does something at home that amazes you, please send in a 'WOW' for us to share.

Week Beginning 19.9.16

This week we have been having lots of fun exploring the Busy Bee room, a whole new room of exciting things to play with.  The children have been having a great time dressing up and learning to play nicely together!  We also had our very first welly walk, where we went up to the nature area and looked closely at the different plants.  We were very excited to find acorns and conkers, many children asked lots of good questions such as why is a conker spiky?  We have learnt new sounds 's, d, t' and 'i' and are pleased to see that the children have been practising these at home.  In maths we have been careful counting and ordering numbers to 10.  It was very exciting when the photographer came in to take our pictures, so look out for us in the newspaper!

Week Beginning 12.9.16

This week has been our first full week at school.  The children now have talk partners who they sit with on the carpet when we have a learning session.   We have now started Read, Write, Inc. The children have learnt the sounds 'm' and 'a' and have even had a go at writing them.  In maths we have been learning to carefully count items by picking them up and moving them to make sure we don't make mistakes.  We have also spent time learning each other's names, singing songs and paying playground games.  The children are settling in well and are enjoying trying a variety of foods at lunchtime.  Thank you to those who attended the 'Meet the Teacher' evening, we hope that you found it useful.

Week Beginning 5.9.16

What a great start to term we have had! The children have really impressed us, coming in to school with smiles on their faces and positive attitudes. We have spent some time exploring all the areas and making new friends.  The children have been put in to groups to help them remember where to put their book bags and they have started to get in to routines.  They have had lunch at school for the last two days and it was clear that this was very exciting for them.  With help, they were able collect their dinner and even clear it away afterwards.  A long and tiring week for them but they have all done very well and will be ready to start full time next week.  We look forward to seeing parents at the 'Meet the Teacher' evening next Wednesday 14th Sept to run through some more information.

Friendly reminder:

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled to include their shoes as when in the role play it has been known for the children to get them muddled.

It is important for the children to remain hydrated as they learn so we encourage the children to keep a labelled water bottle on the trolley, just outside the classroom and we ask for it to be water only please.

Please can book bags be brought into school every day and we ask parents and carers to check them every evening.  We will put letters into book bags and any learning your child has completed.  Reading books, reading diaries and library books should remain in book bags daily to enable us to listen to your child read and change books when appropriate.

PE kits should be labelled and can remain on your child's peg.  We will send their kits home at the end of each half term to be washed.

Lastly, after Christmas we ask for your children to have their Wellies in school on a Wednesday as we will be continuing with our ‘Welly Wednesday’ walks.