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Welcome to Foundation Stage

Last Updated: 1.12.17

This term our topic is Healthy Me

This term our topic is Healthy Me. We are going to learn about how to be hygienic, how to avoid spreading germs, the importance of healthy eating and exercise, how to keep our teeth clean and the importance of sleep. We will be learning lots of new vocabulary and will ask questions to find out more! We are also going to be healthy by taking part in Sports Day and Healthy Week this term.

WB 11.6.18

This week the children have been busy learning about our new topic 'Healthy Me'. They have written sentences about how to maintain good hygiene and have summarised the story of Whiffy Wilson. We have also learnt about the importance of looking after our teeth. The children know that we must clean our teeth twice a day and visit the dentist regularly. They have learnt how to brush their teeth well, so as to keep them clean and healthy. They enjoyed singing the 'Brush Your Teeth' song to help them learn! The children have also started to think about healthy eating and have designed and labelled fruit kebabs. The children have also been very excited to see strawberries growing in our garden!

In Numeracy, the children have revisited their learning about doubling and halving. They have used sharing skills to halve numbers and have used models and images by drawing their own ladybird sharing circles. They have also learnt about the relationship between doubling and halving and are able to use their fingers to solve doubling and halving problems. The children have also completed Numeracy challenges - matching numerals and Numicon and solving subtraction problems.

Foundation have also started to create their own artwork in the style of Kandinsky. They have revisited their learning about colour mixing and primary colours and have used watercolours to practise the skill. They have started to create their own Kandinsky style circle pictures.

We would like to wish all of the Fathers a lovely Father's Day weekend and we hope that you have enjoyed your card and gift! The children really enjoyed making them!


WB 4.6.18

We have had a busy first week back and have introduced our new topic ‘Healthy Me’. This week the children have enjoyed reading and discussing the story ‘Whiffy Wilson – the wolf who wouldn’t wash’. The children have learnt new vocabulary and have shared ideas about the story. They have learnt about the importance of practicing good hygiene. We talked about the importance of washing regularly, cleaning your teeth, wearing clean clothes and washing your hands. We have also learnt about germs and that there are good and bad germs. The children really enjoyed taking part in our ‘germ’ experiment and could see how germs are spread when we do not wash our hands!

In Numeracy, the children have been revising a variety of number skills. They have investigated number bonds by using the Numicon and cubes and have drawn part part whole models to show their calculations. They have also revisited subtraction and have used counting backwards and have drawn models and images to calculate. We have also been practicing doubling skills by using our fingers and counting on.


This term our topic is The Jungle and Rainforests

This term we will be learning about Jungles and Rainforests. We are going to learn about the animals that live there, plants and what they need to grow and what it is like there. We will write jungle facts, describe the jungle and read jungle and rainforest themed stories. We will learn and use lots of new vocabulary and ask questions to learn more. We will also role play as jungle explorers in our new rainforest role-play area!

WB 21.5.18

This week may have been a short one but we have certainly kept busy in Foundation. The children have continued to enjoy writing about the story 'A Very Strange Creature' and have thought of their own animal themed ideas for their sentences. They have worked to use a capital letter at the beginning of their sentences and have remembered to use a full stop at the end.

In our Oracy sessions, the children enjoyed exploring the book 'Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes'. To begin with, we read excerpts from the blurb with missing words. The children enjoyed trying to fill the gaps with their own ideas about what the story could be about. They found this activity really fun and were intrigued to listen to the actual story blurb before reading.

In Numeracy, the children have revised their learning about finding one less than a number by using different manipulatives and strategies. They have also recorded their calculations. Some of the children have been challenged to solve missing number problems too!

The children have completed a variety of challenge activities this week, which have included creating a new jungle animal, solving sharing problems with cubes, ordering numbers, reading and correcting red word spellings and writing sentences about Elmer. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our 'Jungles and Rainforests' topic and look forward to starting our 'Healthy Me' topic next term.

Thank you again for your continued support. Have a lovely half term!


WB 14.5.18

What a jungle fun-filled week we have had in Foundation! On Tuesday, the children had a wild time, dressing up as jungle animals, making and tasting rainbow fritters and having a jungle party in the afternoon. We even had some visitors from Dartmoor Zoo! The children were able to hold and touch four different creatures - a bearded dragon, a stick insect, a tiger snail and a hog-nosed snake! We learnt lots of facts about the creatures and were very careful to use kind hands and voices so as not to scare them. The children also really enjoyed creating jungle Playdoh scenes and completing jungle themed activities. We had a fantastic day!

In Literacy we have continued to learn about the story 'A Very Strange Creature'. They have thought of and written sentences about animals and have worked hard to remember to use a full stop and capital letter. In Oracy sessions we explored the story 'Elmer'. The children predicted what Elmer might look like and we used summarising skills to talk about the moral of the story.

In Numeracy the children have continued to learn about sharing. They have learnt how to group objects and have learnt how to draw sharing problems. They have also written sharing number sentences using the special sharing symbol.

On Friday, the children enjoyed the Royal Wedding Buffet Lunch. The children loved using a special lunchbox and enjoyed sitting on the field with their friends to eat their picnic. What a lovely lunch time!

Thank you for your continued support with our topic this term. The children's costumes were fantastic and they thoroughly enjoyed meeting our visitors!

WB 7.5.18

This week we have continued to read and explore jungle texts. We have enjoyed talking about the story 'A Very Strange Creature' by Ronda Armitage. The children have used a variety of reading skills. They have asked questions about an illustration, have used inference skills to think about how a character might be feeling and they have continued to make predictions about the story. We also summarized the text as a class, talking about what happened in the beginning, the middle and the end of the story. The children really enjoyed the story and found it entertaining! We are going to continue using it for our writing next week.

In Numeracy we have revisited our learning about sharing. The children have used objects to share equally into different groups. We rehearsed the sentence 'equal means the same' and 'sharing objects equally'. We are going to continue our learning about sharing next week.

We have been trying really hard to learn tricky word spellings this week. The children have loved singing along to the 'Tricky Words Song' on YouTube and have been able to use the song to help them to spell words such as 'me', 'my', 'you' and 'are' correctly.

The children also loved taking part in a listening game. They had to use super listening skills to hear the sound and then guess what it could be. Most of the children were able to correctly guess an aeroplane sound and a train sound. Then we had some tricky animal sounds, which included a variety of birds. The children recognized that these were bird sounds and we learnt some new bird names whilst playing.

We are very excited about our Jungle Day on Tuesday next week as well as the Royal Wedding lunch on Friday!


WB 30.4.18

We have really enjoyed our Jungle topic again this week and have been doing lots of Jungle themed learning! In Literacy we have continued to rehearse and retell the story of 'This Zoo is Not For You'. We have also written sentences from the story, using finger spaces and a full stop. The children have also been working really hard to spell tricky words correctly in their writing.

In our oracy story sessions we have enjoyed exploring the book 'Class Two at the Zoo'. We made predictions about the story and talked about the meaning of new vocabulary, such as 'anaconda', 'reptile' and 'squabbling'. The children have also learnt about rhyming words and were able to talk about rhyming words from the story.

In Numeracy we have revisited our learning about subtraction. The children have used cubes and other manipulatives to solve subtraction number sentences. Some of the children have been solving addition and subtraction word problems, thinking carefully about which method they need to use. The children used a number line and thought carefully about whether they needed to jump forwards or backwards to solve it.

The children have continued to complete their challenges this week and have learnt more about plants. This week we learnt about the life cycle of a flower - how it starts as a seed, then a sprouting seed, then grows into a seedling and finally a flower. The children have also enjoyed creating rainforest spiders in the creative area and have explored movement through Jungle themed Cosmic Yoga sessions!

WB 23.4.18

This week we have been busy continuing our Jungle topic. In Literacy we have started learning a version of the text 'This Zoo is Not For You'. We have looked at and followed a story map, using actions to help us to learn the story. The children have also enjoyed continuing our oracy sessions and this week they explored the book 'Banana!' The book contains illustrations and minimal text. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing ideas and using inference skills about what could be happening in the illustrations and we then excited to find out what happened during the whole story.

In Numeracy we have learnt about doubling. Doubling means to add the same number. We have found doubling totals by using our fingers, Numicon pieces and cubes. Some of the children helped Tiger to double his chocolate cake ingredients - which involved numbers greater than 10! The children have also enjoyed learning a new counting rap to learn how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

The children have continued to learn about plants this week and know what plants need to grow. We talked about the importance of light, warmth, water and nutrients. The children have learnt that nutrients are taken from the soil.

WB 16.4.18

During our first week back at school, we introduced our new topic 'The Jungle'. The children are very excited about our new topic and have already learnt a number of jungle facts. They have also been busy holding and writing jungle sentences this week. The children have listened to and talked about the story 'Grandad's Island'. They have answered questions about the text and have made predictions about what they think might happen next. They loved this activity and we had some very creative ideas about what could be behind the big, grey door... They couldn't wait to read more and find out!

In Numeracy the children have learnt about the days of the week and the months of the year. We have learnt a songs to help us remember them. One of their challenges this week was to sequence them correctly and it was fantastic to hear some of the children singing the songs to themselves to help them. Great learning!

The children have also started to learn about plants this week. They have learnt the different parts of a plant, including the flower, petals, stem, leaves and roots. We know that the roots are found underground. The children then completed a challenge, labelling a plant independently by using their sound knowledge and Fred fingers to help them.

In music with Mrs Larcombe, the children have learnt about pitch. They listened to a piece of music and changed levels when the pitch was high or low.

We are certainly looking forward to more jungle-fun learning next week!

This term our topics are Chinese New Year and People Who Help Us

This term we will be learning about the Chinese New Year celebration. We are going to learn about how the festival is celebrated and will even have the chance to make some decorations and taste some Chinese foods. We are also going to be learning about People Who Help Us. We are going to role play as doctors and vets and are hoping to meet some helpful people!

WB 26.3.18

The children have really enjoyed taking part in Enterprise Week this week. We have been busy learning about bakeries and the types of food that are made and sold in them. We decided to make cookies, cake-pops, cupcakes, fridge cakes and gingerbread men.

Before baking, the children tasted and evaluated a variety of biscuits. Of course the chocolate chip cookies and bourbons were the most popular! Some of the children like the ginger nut biscuit and said that it tasted a bit spicy.

On Tuesday morning, the children had a visit from Mike from CaterEd. He talked to them about food hygiene and the importance of making sure that your hands are clean before you touch or work with food products. The children also learnt the word ‘bacteria’ and were able to use it when explaining the importance of good hygiene. In the afternoon, the children visited Mike and Pat and gave them some help in the kitchen. Together they made courgette cakes. All of the children took turns to help with mixing, measuring and grating.

On Wednesday, the children had a busy day of baking! They worked really hard to make all of the cakes and biscuits ready for the Enterprise Fair. Some of the children also had the chance to show off their acting skills by taking part in our video advert! The children also continued to work really hard to complete their challenge cards this week.

The children thoroughly enjoyed Enterprise Week and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that came along and supported the event. We hope that you enjoyed our treats and look forward to hearing about some of the recipes that you have tried out at home!

A big thank you for all of your continued support throughout the term. We wish you all a wonderful Easter. Enjoy the holidays!

WB 19.3.18

The children have really enjoyed story times this week and have enjoyed listening to and writing about ‘Hooray for fish!’ They have used lots of new and interesting vocabulary to talk about and describe some of the fish in the story. Some of the children have even had the chance to design and write about their own fish designs. We have learnt about a variety of fish habitats and have explored different creatures that can be found under the sea.

In Numeracy, the children have continued to learn about subtraction. They have read and interpreted subtraction number sentences and have continued to learn and use a variety of language related to subtraction. Some of the children have also explored the meaning of the term ‘equals’. The children have used manipulatives and number lines to solve subtraction problems.

On Tuesday afternoon, the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with their parents and visitors. Waffle making and pebble painting both went down a storm and it was lovely to see children and parents working together to complete the Easter egg hunt. There were some lovely Easter bonnets on show and we never thought we would see so many fluffy sheep in our classrooms! The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning. We would like to say a big thank you to all of those adults that were able to attend the event and hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We are all looking forward to Enterprise Week next week and hope to see you at the Enterprise Fair on Thursday afternoon!

WB 12.3.18

This week the children have continued to complete their challenge cards. Some of the children have worked so hard and have completed all of their challenges! A big well done!

On Tuesday some of the children enjoyed attending the Story Book Session. It has been lovely to hear that the stories are being shared and enjoyed at home. We would like to say a big thank you to all of those that attended and supported the event and hope that you enjoyed it.

In Numeracy the children have been learning about subtraction. They have learnt about subtraction stories and that when you subtract, the amount becomes less. The children have been able to practise subtraction skills by using images, cubes and by counting back on a number line. We have also looked at subtraction number sentences in different forms and have learnt about the vocabulary used when discussing subtraction – take-away, less, fewer, subtract and minus.

On Friday the children were excited to dress up for World Book Day. They looked amazing and it was wonderful to see such a vast array of book characters. A big thank you for your efforts in supporting this rearranged event.

The children have also continued to enjoy our topic ‘People Who Help Us’ and have been busy crafting traffic lights, creating x-ray pictures, writing a thank you to the vet nurse and role-playing as vets and builders.

We hope to see you on Tuesday for our Open Afternoon!

WB 5.3.18

This week the children have been introduced to their challenge cards. The children are either in the Paddingtons, Hungry Caterpillars or Gruffalos group. Each card contains a number of challenges that cover a range of learning areas, which include numeracy and writing challenges. Their task each week is to ensure that they complete each challenge by Friday. Some of the children have worked really well and have completed all of their challenges this week. Well done!

In Literacy, the children have started to learn about the 'People Who Help Us - Doctor' non-fiction text. They have learnt the text using a text map and can retell it using actions. We also focused on capital letters and full stops and used Kung Fu punctuation actions. Some of the children have started to write their text. We have been trying hard to use finger spaces and Fred fingers/talk. The children have also worked hard to practice letter formations and we talked about the 'c' letter family.

In Numeracy, the children have continued to learn about halving. This week we have focused on halving shapes. The children used their knowledge of halving as making two amounts/pieces the same and we talked about the word 'equal'. They have explored folding to halve and have identified whether shapes are correctly halved or not. Some of the children have also had a go at halving ladybirds. They counted the total amount of spots and used their halving hand to find halve of the number.

On Thursday, the children enjoyed a visit from Nicola the Veterinary Nurse. She taught them all about her job and how she helps animals and their owners. The children learnt how to look after some pets and the importance of visiting the Veterinary Surgery. She showed us the uniform that they have to wear for operations and talked about the stethoscope that she uses. She was so kind that she even brought some resources for us to enjoy in our Veterinary role-play area - some bandages, plastic syringes and a head collar.

The children have also been busy making a fire engine ladder, a split pin helpful person, writing about animals, making rocket launchers, exploring water using the gutters and stands and using the Doodle Buddy app to make an animal picture. It certainly has been a fun and busy week!

We hope that you have a lovely Mother's Day and enjoy your little gift!

WB 26.2.18

It has been a short but eventful week this week!

On Monday, the children were introduced to our new topic People Who Help Us. They have enjoyed learning about helpful people and the jobs that they do - dentists, librarians, road safety workers, mountain rescuers, to name but a few. They have thought about what they would like to be when they grow up and have both said and written their sentences. We have continued to focus on finger spaces in our writing and some of the children have even used 'because' to make their sentence more interesting.

In Numeracy the children have started to learn about halving. They have learnt that to halve a number means to share the amount between two. They know that each group or person must have the same/equal amount. During halving activities, the children have worked with numbers up to twenty and have been able to further practise careful counting and sharing skills.

The children have also enjoyed completing some challenge and investigation activities this week. Some of the children have been busy constructing their names or initial with Duplo or completing Lego challenge cards. Others have investigated what happens when you mix a vinegar solution with bicarbonate of soda - and they found this very exciting! We have also had some keen crime scene investigators who have been busy collecting finger prints and observing them with the magnifying glasses.

And let's not forget the excitement of our snow day on Wednesday! The children were so excited to see the snow falling and could not wait to wrap up warm and go outside. Some of the children made snow balls and snow men and others just simply enjoyed watching the snow fall. It quickly became cold so we soon ventured back inside to warm up. We would like to thank you for your patience and support during what was a busy and somewhat disruptive day and we hope that you continued to enjoy the snow days that followed.

WB 19.2.18

We have had a very busy first week back at school and have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. We know that this year is the year of the dog and we listened to the story about the Chinese Zodiac. In Literacy we have written sentences about when we were born. We focused on using finger spaces. We were born in the year of the dragon or the snake!

In numeracy the children have continued to learn about money and have secured their knowledge of coins. They have used the Numicon to make different amounts and have paid for different items.

The children have also enjoyed making many different Chinese decorations such as egg carton dragons, paper plate dogs and Chinese fans and even Chinese drums. They have also enjoyed role-playing in the Chinese restaurant and have had a go at writing Chinese symbols. They were most excited about tasting Chinese food at the end of the week. The children were able to try spring rolls, chicken toast, noodles, egg fried rice and sweet and sour sauce. Most of the children tasted all of the foods and the chicken toast was a favourite!

The children have been given a homework task to complete over the next couple of weeks. We would like them to choose their favourite recipe and write it in their best handwriting. This is for a project that we will be completing in Foundation. We look forward to reading your recipes and thank you again for your continued support!

This term our topic is 'Pirates and Princesses'

This term we will be learning about pirate and princess stories. We are going to make treasure maps and write messages in bottles. We are going to role play as pirates and princesses and will have the chance to dig for treasure in our outdoor area. We are hoping to organise a special visitor to both classes - what a treasure!

WB 5.2.18
During our final week of the half term, we have been busy as usual! The children have told a recount of our Pirate Day by using actions and fronted adverbials - first, next, then and finally. They have then written sentences about the pirate day, using Fred fingers, fingers spaces and full stops.
In numeracy the children have loved learning about money. They have explored coins and have talked about their colour, shape and size. They have learnt about the amounts that each coin is worth by matching coins to Numicon pieces. We talked about which coins were worth the most and which coin was worth the least and put them in order of value. It would be fantastic if the children could continue to practice identifying and naming coins at home over the holidays!
Some of the children have enjoyed getting creative this week by making princess crowns. They have used careful cutting skills as well as colourful sequins to make beautiful crowns. They have also had the opportunity to practice careful counting by matching gold coins to numbered treasure chests! Some of the children have loved using the Hairy Letters app on the iPad to practice letter formations, which is one of our targets in Foundation.
After such a busy and fun-filled term, the children have certainly earnt their well-deserved break! We hope that you have a restful holiday and thank you for your continued support.

WB 29.1.18

What a fun week we have had in Foundation this week! On Monday we enjoyed a fun-filled visit from pirate Captain Jack. It was such an exciting and enjoyable day and the children looked fabulous in their pirate and princess costumes! First Captain Jack read us a pirate story all about helping others and belonging to a family. Then the children took part in a treasure hunt adventure. In pirate teams, the children ventured with their adult to find pirate clues. Once the adult read the clue, they had to think about where the next clue might be hidden. The clues took them to the pirate ship, to walk the plank, to reach for the sails and even on a ride down the slide! Our adventure ended at the Gazebo, where the children discovered the treasure chest. It was filled with lots of shiny gold coins! Finally the children took part in a treasure map stamp hunt and a pirate board game activity. 

This week we have also been busy learning about addition and number bonds in numeracy. The children have continued to use objects and Numicon to support their addition. Some of the children have also been able to record addition number sentences, using the correct digits and symbols. Just like a pirate or princess flag is made, the children have also had the opportunity to try weaving. They have used scissors and careful cutting to make their template and have used the 'under over' method to weave colours into their design. They have also written about the pirate day, made treasure maps, crafted pirate hooks and completed pirate number lines.

WB 22.1.18

This week we have been busy writing letters to Captain Cook! He has been a busy pirate, writing us letters with writing challenges. Some of the children have written to him about their favourite cartoon character using 'because' in their sentences. Wow! Captain Cook was so impressed that he left super writers some silver treasure! On Friday, Captain Cook left us a new letter saying that his pirate friend is going to be coming to visit during our Pirate Day on Monday. He wanted the children to write about what they think he might look like. Some have written sentences about hats, eye patches and coloured scarves. In numeracy the children have been learning about estimating. We have talked about estimating as a 'sensible guess'. The children have shown excellent skills and have been able to use careful counting to find out the actual amount. The children have also enjoyed role playing as pirates and princesses, designing flags, matching numbers and Numicon, building castles and towers and creating and performing their own puppet shows. What a fun filled week! 

WB 15.1.18

We have had another busy week in Foundation! In Literacy we have been reading and retelling the story 'That's Not My Pirate!'. We have followed a story map and used actions to retell the story. We have also started writing some sentences from the story by using Fred fingers, finger spaces and full stops. In Numeracy we have been learning about addition. We have looked at and talked about the addition and equals symbols and have solved number sentences by using objects and number lines. We have learnt that to add two numbers together you need to count how many there are altogether. On Wednesday we enjoyed a wet Welly Walk. We went on a pirate treasure hunt and found gold pirate coins, which had Fred frog sounds on them. Once we had found all of the coins, we Fred talked and made words together. The children with the correct sound came to the front to show the sound button. The children have also enjoyed painting castle pictures, making pirate faces, dressing up pirates and role playing pirates and princesses.

WB 8.1.18

This week we have been busy starting our new topic 'Pirates and Princesses'. We have listened to the story of 'That's Not My Pirate!', which we will be writing about next week. The children have also learnt about how to be healthy pirates by making healthy food choices. Some of the children have created their own treasure maps! In Numeracy we have been learning about positional language and have been hiding Fred frog in different places. The children were also excited to use the iPads to learn how to record photographs and videos of their friend! At the beginning of the week, we had some visitors from the CAP project. The children learnt about their three rights: to be 'safe, strong and free'. They learnt about how to keep their bodies and feelings safe. We also talked about the importance of talking to a safe adult when you feel sad or worried. It certainly has been a very busy week!

WB 1.1.18

This week has been a very short but busy one! We have enjoyed settling back into class after our Christmas holidays. The children have been able to catch up with their friends and share their holiday news. Some of the children have been busy writing thank you letters to Santa! We have even had time to practice writing numbers. Everyone is very excited about our new topic and some of the children have been keen to dress up as princesses, knights and dragons. We are looking forward to more pirate and princess learning next week!


This term our topic is 'Winter and celebrations'

This term we will be learning about different celebrations that happen during the winter months in our country and others.  We will begin with Spooky Fortnight, then Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will enjoy a Spooky day where the children will be invited to wear their spooky clothes to school and take part in spooky activities.  We will also begin to learn the songs and words in preparation for our nativity at the end of term.

WB 11.12.17

What a busy week it has been!  The children were fantastic in their Christmas Nativity, they were so confident saying their lines and sang beautifully.  Throughout the week they have enjoyed lots of Christmas crafts and sharing traditions their family have at Christmas time.  We have also learnt about the Christmas Story and the true meaning of Christmas.  We would just like to thank you for all your support over the last term, wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you all when we return in January. 

WB 4.12.17

We have had another brilliant week in Foundation this week. On Tuesday, we went to Pennywell Farm. The children had a great time.  When we arrived, we went into the main barn to watch the nativity.  Some of the children dressed up and had the opportunity to ride a donkey and pony. We then met Santa and the children were given a present.  In school, we have continued to practise our nativity and are really looking forward to sharing it with everybody next week.

WB 27.11.17

This week we have continued our Nativity practices and it's great to see them getting better and better all the time, ready for parents to come and see on the 11th and 12th December.  We have enjoyed sharing the story 'Dear Santa' and using a story map with pictures, they have been able to retell the story themselves.   In maths, we have been learning to takeaway, using objects to help us. The children learnt to read a subtraction number sentence and then moved on to using their fingers to help them to quickly find the answer.

Next Tuesday, we will be going on our exciting trip to Pennywell Farm which we are all looking forward to.

WB 20.11.17

We have been learning all about 'Thanksgiving'.  The children showed excellent listening skills as we discussed the story and then had a circle time to tell others what we were thankful for.  They had some lovely ideas, they talked about their families, their homes and their toys.  In maths, we have been learning about shapes and in particular, we have been learning how to describe the properties of shapes.   The role play has now been turned in to a Santa's workshop and today it was open for business.   They have enjoyed playing imaginatively, making lists, drawing designs and using the Lego to construct toys for the good boys and girls.  The nativity practices have continued and we are so pleased to see them becoming confident with their lines and the songs.

                                                                                                                   WB 13.11.17

This week we have been starting to think about the nativity and have been busy learning the songs in preparation. On Tuesday we had visitors from the RSPB.  They told us a story about ladybird looking for a home. It helped us to learn about all the different habitats that minibeasts lived in and then we went on a welly walk to go and find some.  We  had a  great time and found woodlice, worms, spiders, larvae and much more.  We also listened out for different birds.   The children were so interested and behaved so well which was fantastic to see.  In numeracy time this week, we have been learning how to weigh items using scales and then used the language of 'heavier' and 'lighter' to explain our findings.  In literacy, we have been working on identifying initial sounds in words and beginning to write simple CVC words.


WB 6.11.17

We started the week with the children telling us all about the exciting fireworks celebrations that they saw at the weekend.  It sounds like everyone had lots of fun.  We created fireworks pictures using straws to blow paint across black paper, they were fantastic.  In numeracy, we have been learning how to find one more.  We have been using objects and number lines to help us.  We continue to practise learning our sounds and are trying really hard to learn how to write short words.  In PE, we enjoyed playing some games.  The children listened so well to the rules and were able to take in turns, which was lovely to see.

Next week, on Friday, the children are invited to wear spots for 'Children in Need.' 

WB 30.10.17

This week has been a very exciting start to the term.  We had our Spooky Day on Tuesday and the children all looked fantastic in their spooky costumes.  We have continued with our RWI learning new sounds everyday and consolidating sounds we have already learnt.  In numeracy we have been practicing our number formation, making sure they are all the correct way around.

This term our topic is 'Superheroes'

This term we will be thinking about Superheroes.  We will be talking about who our favourite superhero is and what our favourite superheroes do.  We are hoping to organise a Superhero Day for the children to come into school dressed as their favourite Superhero and hopefully we may have some special visitors. 

                                                                                                                    WB 16.10.17

It was great to see the children all dressed for our Superhero Day On Tuesday. We had a very busy day. Mrs Smithers' room was turned in to a 'Superhero Training Centre', where superheroes go to train to become fit and healthy. There was an assault course of activities such as crawling through tunnels, jumping over hurdles and target throwing. In Mrs Rossiter's room, the children were able to take part in cooking. They made rice crispy Hulks, though they didn't turn out as green as we hoped! They enjoyed decorating them and they tasted delicious. We had visits from special guests Supergirl and Elsa. Supergirl showed us some of her special moves and Elsa wowed us with her singing. Throughout the day, we took part in many other exciting activities and had lots of fun. In our numeracy lesson this week, we have been playing about with numbers. the children were challenged to recognise numbers on a dice as quick as possible and identify missing numbers in a sequence.

We hope everyone enjoys their half term break, we return to school on Monday 30th October and will be starting our 'Spooky Fortnight'.  The children are invited to wear spooky fancy dress or accessories on Tuesday 31st October.  We look forward to seeing you then.

WB 9.10.17

This week we have been working on improving our listening skills.  On Monday we went on a welly walk and listened for different sounds in the environment. We talked about how we needed to be nice and quiet and we had a list to tick off anything we could hear.  We have also played some listening games such as 'Keeper of the Keys'.  The children tried really hard and were very good at this.  In Numeracy, we have been comparing and ordering items by length, using the language of 'longer' and 'shorter'.  We ordered a variety of items such as plastic worms, pencils and ribbon.  In literacy we have been seeing if we can identify the initial sounds in words such as 'cat' or 'dog'.  We had a great afternoon on Wednesday for our open afternoon.  Thank you to everyone  who managed to come along. Next week, we have Superhero day on Tuesday 17th September and parents evening on the 17th and 18th.

WB 2.10.17

The children have continued to work really hard in their RWI sessions this week, learning the new sounds g, o, c, k and u. In literacy we have continued to read Superworm and had a go at sequencing the story.  We have had our first PE session this week and explored a range of movements including hopping, slithering and skipping.  The children really enjoyed the session and are looking forward to the next one.  In numeracy the children have been learning to understand the total doesn't change unless you add something or take something away and finding the total of 2 groups of objects. We would like to thank you for your support at the phonics meeting on Tuesday evening and look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday for the Open Afternoon. 


WB 25.9.17

The children have settled so well now, its like they have always been here! We have continued to learn our sounds in Read, Write, Inc and they love joining in.  Thank you for your help with this at home, hopefully they enjoy sharing this learning with you.  In maths, we have been learning the language of 'more' and 'fewer'.  They have compared two amounts recognising and explaining how they know one has more and one has fewer.  This week we had our first welly walk and thanks to a change in the day we had lovely sunny weather.  We went on a tour around the school learning about the various areas and then spent time in the nature area searching for exciting things.  We found acorns and horse chestnuts and even looked for signs of what could be living in and around the area.  They had great fun hunting for things and sharing heir knowledge with eachother.  Finally towards the end of the week, we carried on our Superhero theme by looking at a book called 'Superworm'.  The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the story and doing actions to go with it.

Next week, we have our phonics and maths evening on Tuesday 3rd October at 5.30pm.  It is a very useful evening to help parents understand how they can support their children with reading and maths so it would be great to see as many people there as possible.

Finally thanks for your support on Tapestry, we love seeing he photos you send in!

WB 18.9.17

This week, it has been lovely to see the enthusiasm from the children as we have begun to learn our sounds.  They have learnt m, a and s and even had a go at writing them.  Once they have completed the homework sheets at home, it is great if they can keep them in their book bags to keep practising with you as often as possible.  We have also learnt how to careful count making sure that we touch or move each item as we count them to avoid making any mistakes. The children had a go at this by careful counting cars in a car park which they were fantastic at.  We have also started to paint our self portraits to go up in the school hall.  The children used mirrors to look closely at themselves before drawing and choosing the correct colours for painting.  If your child has been showing you any of this learning at home, we would love to see on Tapestry.

WB 11.9.17

Another busy week in Foundation.  We have played lots of 'getting to know eachother' games and the children are slowly beginning to remember the names of the other children in their class.  We have also practised name writing and were really impressed to see them trying hard and it would be great if they can continue to practise this at home.   They are building in confidence with exploring their surroundings and getting to know the routines.  They have enjoyed playing in the superhero role play and are slowly getting better at helping during tidy up time!   We have enjoyed reading your comments on Tapestry and thank you to those who have managed to send us some photos of things the children get up when they are with you.

WB 4.9.17

The children have had a fantastic start to the school year, we are so proud of how quickly all of the children have settled into their new classrooms.  We have been learning all about the school day and listened carefully to instructions such as where to put our coats and book bags. We have been into lunch for the first time and have enjoyed a roast dinner and fish and chips.  We have enjoyed exploring all of the new toys and especially enjoyed the outdoor area, getting muddy in the mud pit.  Just a small reminder if you haven't already please activate your tapestry account, any problems please ask your class teacher.